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Alumnus Spotlight: Larry Nicholson's Rise at Work Reflects What He Learned in the Executive MBA Program

By Keith Morelli

Larry Nicholson

TAMPA (August 30, 2018) -- Though Larry Nicholson graduated from the Executive MBA program at the Muma College of Business two years ago, he still collaborates with former classmates to find solutions in his career. And it has paid off. He recently was promoted to director of underwriting and training with the American Integrity Insurance Company.

"I oversee the day-to-day operations of both the underwriting and training functions of the Florida-based property and casualty insurance company and lead each of the respective teams," he said. "Additionally, I serve on the board of directors for the Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators as the vice president of marketing."

Nicholson graduated with the Executive MBA Class of 2016.

"The program has helped me throughout my business career by providing the tools and concepts to analyze business problems using data-driven approaches and methodologies," he said. "In the insurance and risk management industry, big data and financial-ratio analysis are always top of mind for me, especially in a volatile claims environment."

He said the courses he took in the Executive MBA program are practical and give students the tools they needed to succeed, to solve business problems "before they fester and continue to grow."

The executive leadership courses also include leadership theories and philosophies that benefit students in their jobs. For him, Nicholson, instruction propelled him into the director's role at his company.

"I received various opportunities within class projects and other program events," he said, "to speak publicly which aided in my speaking skills on the job and with my teams."

He returned to USF recently to help welcome the Executive MBA 2020 classes.

"I spoke with incoming students regarding my experience and provided insights on what to expect," he said. "It was a great turnout. I told the students that the program offers a chance to gain additional skillsets by learning and sharing experiences with classmates.

"Building relationships and networking with my classmates to gain cursory knowledge as to how they approach business problems within their industry was very helpful to me," he said. "Today, I still collaborate on business ideas and solutions with many of my classmates."