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Muma College of Business to Host Open House for Incoming Business Major Prospects

By Keith Morelli

Students in classroom

TAMPA (January 10, 2019) -- An innovative approach to the traditional open house will take place at the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business in February. It is the first time an open house is being staged by the college, which boasts several national and international rankings of its undergrad and graduate programs.

The open house welcomes freshmen who have been accepted by USF and who have expressed an interest in majoring in business. They have exceptionally high GPAs and their high achieving records in high school make them a perfect fit for the Muma College of Business.

The event is scheduled for Feb. 18, when high schools are off because of the President’s Day holiday, though USF is in session. That gives those students a chance to visit the business college without having to miss their classes. It also offers a chance for parents who have a day off to accompany their sons and daughters on the visit.

The agenda will be different than the typical open house visits. Faculty will deliver some mock lectures and an interactive exercise is being planned to display the various majors in the college and how they are relevant in professional careers beyond the university walls.

Department chairs, faculty members and academic advisors will be available to chat with students and parents. Students will also get a chance to tour the campus and residence halls and have lunch at The Hub, a dining hall that features fresh sushi, grilled dishes and a wide assortment of other dishes.