ISDS Faculty Reaches New Heights in the Fall of 2018; Papers Published in Prestigious Journals, Research Presented, Awards Given

By Keith Morelli

ISDS Research Awards

TAMPA (February 5, 2019) -- The New England Patriots may have grabbed all the attention this month but the fall of 2018 belongs to the professors of the Muma College of Business’ Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department.

“The ISDS faculty has broken all records of excellence,” Dean Moez Limayem told the college’s Executive Advisory Council at a recent meeting. “In what other departments achieve in years and years and years, they have achieved in just a few months.”

The achievements? There are many.

ISDS faculty members over the last three months of 2018 published, or had agreements to publish, nearly a dozen papers in tier-one journals, said ISDS instructor Matt Mullarkey, representing an unusual alignment of the planets.

“Some of the work,” he said, “has been in the works for five years or longer.”

Additionally, professors have attended conferences, presented research and received numerous awards recognizing them for their work.

Here’s a glimpse into what that august group of researchers did over the last quarter of 2018:

And if that's not enough, there is more iciing on the cake enjoyed by the department:

The inaugural cohort of the department’s first executive master’s program graduated and one graduate of the master’s program in Business Analytics and Information Systems took a position right out of school for an annual salary of $200,000. The department’s practice center also achieved a milestone, earning more than $1.5 million in 115 projects with outside businesses that involved 225 students.

In terms of engagement, ReliaQuest has begun a partnership with the department offering boot camps for students and the fifth cohort of the Jabil Citizen Data Science Certificate Program was completed along with the first cohort of the Tampa General Hospital Executive Leadership Certificate Program.