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Student Spotlight: Janette Gutierrez

By Sarah Spreadbury

Janette Gutierrez

TAMPA (October 11, 2019) -- 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I was little, there were a lot of things I was interested in.  First, I wanted to be a fashion designer because I was modeling.  Then, I wanted to be a hair dresser. Soon after that, I wanted to be a chef. When I was in high school, I started to think about getting into computer science because I really liked working with computers. I later realized it wasn’t for me. Lastly, I became very intrigued with hospitality and wanted to become a manager at one of the most famous resorts around the world.  This all changed after I attended USF and met people that advised me about all the majors that were out there. I discovered my love for math and the rest is history.

What classes have you liked the most? The least? Why?

My favorite classes were Intermediate financial accounting (I and II) and Audit I. I really enjoyed these classes because I was excited about doing my homework and learning new concepts. This made me look forward to my future because of how passionate I was about what I was learning. Biology, on the other hand, was my least favorite class. Although learning about the nature and development and evolution is interesting, I didn’t really enjoy studying it. Science isn’t really my cup of tea, but hey … I passed!

What inspired you to be an accountant? (people, news, classes, professors)

Honestly, being an accounting major was not my first choice. I was a management major when I first started at USF, however after exploring the different pre-requisites of the business major, I decided to change my track. The turning point for me was my principles accounting classes with Professor Jennifer Cainas who inspired me to be an accountant. My family members and career counselor Doug Meyn also helped me discover my love for accounting.  One fun fact about me is that I am one of three sisters. In fact, I am a triplet! My sisters (who have also attended USF), along with my family, have always been supportive of my decisions. After my change in career path, I started to feel content about my choice and my future. I enjoyed sitting in all my accounting classes and learning how to become more analytical. I also joined Beta Alpha Psi after a semester in accounting and felt right at home. I have made a forever accounting family, as well as had the opportunity to get out of my shell and network with professionals that I never knew I would talk to. 

Any advice for current accounting students?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and do what you think is best for you. I know that interviewing and networking with accounting professionals can be a bit overwhelming, however taking that leap of faith will go a long way. Sometimes you just must get out of your comfort zone to make those connections and help you grow as person. Although, this field can be very competitive, communicating and doing interviews and even going to accounting socials will greatly benefit you.  These are all experiences that can make you a better person and even a better professional. Never be afraid to let your personality shine to the professionals. 

What two accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?

One accomplishment was when I became the secretary of Beta Alpha Psi. This experience was amazing because I was only a candidate for one semester and was contested for the secretary position. I’ve never contested for a position in any organization, so speaking about how passionate I am about Beta Alpha Psi and getting the majority votes from the members was something to remember. I decided to run for the secretary position because during my candidate semester, my passion for accounting continued to grow and has taught me valuable lessons personally and professionally. The most satisfying part of being secretary is being able to make a difference to those accounting students who are seeking opportunities in the accounting field and helping them grow professionally. Another accomplishment was when I became team lead for the cashier department at the USF Bookstore. Within the first two months of working at the bookstore, I got promoted to this position. My supervisors saw that I was able to take initiative and lead my colleagues during the rush week for each semester. I found that I could quickly integrate with people at the company and build consensus during social activities while still dealing with customer/employee issues. 

Where are you headed after graduation? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

After graduation, I plan on completing my master’s degree in accounting as well as completing audit internship opportunities that I have lined up.  While attending graduate school, I also plan to study for my CPA in order to be competent in my field of work. Furthermore, my five-year goal is to acquire a CPA and get a full-time job at a public accounting firm. I am also not exactly sure where my future job will take me, however, I do plan on traveling and learning more about my career. 

Extra: Any fun stories from anything? BAP? Your internship? A social?

Like I have mentioned before, I am a triplet.  So, one thing people always like to ask me is if my sisters also have majored in accounting.  A lot of people assume that twins/triplets do the same thing, but we all have different personalities and like different things. I always say that my sisters and I can start our own business together because of the different majors we decided to pursue. Annette, the first one born, majored in mass communications with a concentration in broadcast production with minors in theater and communication. Yvette, the second one born, majored in marketing and minored in management. I am the baby of the family. I decided to major in accounting and minor in management. Another fun story I like to share is that my sisters and I recently started a YouTube channel called “The Triple-Ettes.” The reason for the name is because we are triplets and our names end in “-ette.”