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Student Spotlight: Derrick Pereira

By Sarah Spreadbury

Derrick Pereira

TAMPA (March 19, 2020) -- 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I was growing up, I always loved money, wanted to make as money as possible and do something that involved money. So, I looked up successful professions that made a nice salary and dealt with money. I originally thought doctor, but that did not interest me because I was not into science. I eventually learned about accounting and thought that was cool, so I decided to be an accountant.

What accounting classes have you liked the most? Least? Why?

Going through the accounting program, I loved cost accounting because it dealt with how businesses are operated regarding cost and I have always loved manufacturing and found it fascinating. The topic interested me and the professor that was teaching it, Professor Davis, provided the value behind why businesses do cost accounting and taught it very well. I still use the knowledge I learned from her class to this very day, teaching it to my principles of managerial accounting kids. I also enjoyed Intermediate III because the teacher, Professor Smith, would connect it to the real world as how companies would use that information. An accounting class that I did not enjoy was Intermediate 1. I did not enjoy this class because it was extremely difficult to adjust to and the material was extremely difficult to grasp, but I made it through after going to the tutors and learning better study habits.

What inspired you to be an accountant?

I was inspired to be an accountant based on my interests growing up, but I knew it was passion of mine when I entered principles of financial and managerial accounting and Dr. Cainas talked the avenues of accounting and her passion for it. It truly inspired me to be an accountant.

Any advice for current accounting students?

Some advice that I would give to current accounting students would be to utilize the resources around them and make friends! The Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy offers tons of resources for their students and I feel like they aren’t utilized enough. Also, make friends with those in your classes! Those are people that are going the same program as you and could possibly be your co-workers in the future after graduation. Making friends with fellow students helps build your network as well as makes the program more enjoyable.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Two accomplishments that have given me the most satisfaction have been; being the vice president of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) and becoming a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Cainas. Doing these things provided me the most satisfaction because it helped complete my full development and growth. When I started at USF, I was a quiet introverted kid who sat in the back and just did their schoolwork. The BAP Vice Presidency allowed me to grow out of that shell and become a mentor for inspiring young individuals within Beta Alpha Psi. Watching candidates and member grow and receive offers also gives me a warm feeling inside because I knew that some of my advice and guidance helped further their development as individuals and professionals. Being a Teaching Assistant also gives me the same satisfaction as being the Vice President did as well, it showed I have a passion for teaching students. Watching students go from completely clueless to completely understanding and getting A’s on their exams was truly satisfied and knew that I helped them get to that point. It was also satisfying hearing them say they switched to accounting because of me and that I helped so much.

Where are you headed after graduation? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

After I graduate in May with my master’s degree, I will be heading to EY to do an internship with their Media & Entertainment advisory practice which I am super excited for. I plan to do this for the rest of my life because it is something that truly interests me and I am happy I have found something I really enjoy for my career.

Any fun facts about you or stories?

Right now, I am the current President of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) and a fun fact about me is that from doing BAP, it has allowed me to explore the city of Tampa. BAP does so many socials with each other and local firms that I have gotten to experience all the cool things the city has to offer! I have also traveled a lot around the world! I have been to majority of Caribbean, 35 of the 50 states, and will be headed to Europe in the near future with my family!