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Nicholas Morris, Third-Year Finance Major, Named Daveler Scholar

By Keith Morelli

Nicholas Morris

TAMPA (May 19, 2020) -- Nicholas Morris, a third-year finance major in the Muma College of Business with a minor in entrepreneurial studies and also a student of the Judy Genshaft Honors College, was selected as a Daveler Scholar, one of five in Florida and the only USF student to achieve the honor.

The recently announced awards honored the 2020 Daveler Entrepreneurship Program Fellows and Scholars who pitched ideas to a panel of judges made up of successful entrepreneurs. Morris, who has always had an appreciation for both STEM and business, is the founding CEO of drvwy, a parking company that he calls the alternative to traditional parking. His innovative idea, which proved to be a winner, involves the development of an app that connects parkers and spaces.

“I started this company in October after having been selected into USF Connect Student Innovation Incubator,” Morris said. “I also have the pleasure of serving as the Investor Relations/Database Intern at tech accelerator Tampa Bay Wave since November 2019.

“My connections to the Wave and USF Connect have allowed me to network with the incredible business and community leaders,” he said, “that I hope will benefit my current business venture and positively affect my life for years to come.”

The Daveler Entrepreneurship program has become one of the premier undergraduate innovation competitions in Florida. Despite statewide campus closures, students from 11 universities applied to the program and after a competitive selection process, 19 were selected to pitch their ventures in a video format, as this year's event moved to an online form. These chosen “Fellows” each received a $3,000 award. 

A panel of local entrepreneurs served as judges and selected the top five students, who were recognized as “Scholars” and awarded an additional $5,000.

Morris’ drvwy parking platform allows users to rent out their unutilized driveway space or other private property space to those looking for a hassle free, cheap and effective means of parking. A user can open the mobile drvwy app to access a map that displays their current location or search for their final destination and be shown a wider view of spots available near their current location or destination using markers.

After selecting a spot, the user makes a free reservation of 30 minutes allowing them to secure the spot. Any further time needed to make it to the spot can be purchased for a small fee. No cash or human interaction is necessary, as all payments and instructions are done through the app. Morris’ company receives 20 percent of all parking revenue with the other 80 percent being paid out to the renter of the space.

“It is not uncommon for people to rent out their driveway space during special events or for long-term parking, but the visibility for such deals is lacking.” Morris said. “I believe we can increase the commonality of this practice and become the go-to market for such services.”