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Student Spotlight: Luiza Marques Remote learning from Brazil

By Jamie Boyle

Luiza Marques

ST. PETERSBURG (November 5, 2020) -- 

Luiza Marques is a finance major and Muma College of Business 25 under 25 student from Brazil. When the university turned to remote learning in March she went home to continue her studies. Being so far from campus has been hard for Marques, naturally an extrovert, she is missing her friends, professors, and her campus routines. She has taken some positives away from the experience, using the flexibility to her advantage, she is taking 5 classes, working for AB inBev in Sao Paulo, and she is a peer leader and tutor for business calculus.

Growing up in Brazil Marques became aware at a young age of the inequality that exists in her home country, especially when it comes to education. “Growing up in this environment made me realize that education is the base of everything,” Marques decided to take the issue into her own hands. For 2 years she built a team that helped the homeless population in Brazil, from there she established a team that raised money to create a public library for a local public school. With her philanthropy mindset she is constantly looking to do more, her biggest goal is to eventually have an impact on the education system in Brazil with the use of technology.

Just as driven to excel her schoolwork, Marques also has a passion for traveling and experiencing new culture. She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and even some Mandarin from her study abroad experience in China!

Originally a marketing major Marques did a summer internship at BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America, there she discovered her talent and interest in numbers and analytics and decided on switching to become a finance major with a minor in business analytics and information systems.

Marques is preparing for graduation in May. Exploring her options, she is really enjoying her current role at AB inBev working in innovation, but she is also interested in the possibility in staying in the US and working at a corporation or in banking, she is also looking into training programs as well. She is eager to join the workforce, keeping her options open and optimistic for the future.