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Student Profile: Timothy Henning Endures Two Years of Amateur Hockey Before Focusing on Finance

By Alyssa England, Intern

Timothy Henning

TAMPA (December 7, 2020) -- After four internships and two years of playing amateur hockey, Timothy Henning has found his groove.

The New York native moved to the Tampa Bay area with his parents after graduating high school, but rather than attending college directly, Henning looked to amateur hockey.

“My parents encouraged me to apply to all of the Florida state universities during my second year of hockey,” Henning said. “I didn’t know too much about USF before applying, but after getting an acceptance letter along with a nice financial aid package, it made it a hard option to turn away.”

Being so close to his new home and downtown Tampa made the choice even easier, not to mention USF’s club hockey program.

“It seemed like everything lined up really nicely for my college career,” Henning said. “I was incredibly more mature at that point, which is something that has helped immensely.”

The decision to pursue finance was a much more apparent one.

“I always knew that I wanted to do finance,” Henning said. “I worked at a local country club while growing up and many of the members were in finance. I started looking into the industry during my freshman year of high school and have stayed interested ever since.”

Although Henning remained passionate about hockey, he remained focused on making it easier for himself to secure a full-time job post-graduation. Academics and professional involvement reigned.

“I kept my grades up and got involved with the USF Student Investment Club,” said Henning, who was elected president of the club in his second year, “and that helped set me on the right track for getting more serious about a career in finance.”

In addition to academics and professional involvement on-campus, Henning has completed four internships throughout his USF career. He first interned with Pursuant Capital, then went on to work for Crosstree as an investment banking intern. Last summer, Henning interned with the asset management division of AIG.

“I didn’t know anyone or that much about them before I applied,” Henning said. Even though the interview experience was virtual, I still had an amazing team that helped develop my financial analysis skills immensely.”

As an intern with AIG, Henning reviewed credits in portfolios, which involved detailed financial statement analysis. In the last two weeks of the program, he worked with a team that assisted in creating an investment committee report for a public health care technology company that was raising $500 million.

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought job market uncertainty, Henning remained focused on securing an internship for the summer of his junior year and he landed one with Wells Fargo’s securitization team in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he will be heading in the summer. He hopes to receive a return offer from the team upon completion of the internship and his December 2021 graduation.

Henning is in an advisory role for the USF Student Investment Club and interns with Ballast Point Ventures in downtown Tampa while continuing his studies.

“Yes, it is a lot,” he said. “However, for me, I like keeping busy as I find that I am much more productive when my schedule is full. I also find that the free time that I get is a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.”

Looking back, Henning would give the following piece of advice to his younger self: “Relax a little. I think I was a bit too caught up in the career hunt. While it’s important to stay on top of that, there definitely has to be a balance and I think I’ve found that nicely in the past 12 months or so.”