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Online MBA Program Ranked Among the Top 25 in the Nation

By Keith Morelli

The Princeton Review

TAMPA (December 15, 2020) -- The Online MBA program at USF’s Muma College of Business continues to rank among the best in the nation, placing among the top 25 on two separate national rankings. 

The Princeton Review placed the program at No. 21 of the top 50 programs in the United States and Poets & Quants listed the online offering at No. 25. 

"The Princeton Review and Poets & Quants rankings are particularly meaningful to us as the methodology relies on student and alumni feedback,” said Eric Douthirt, director of the Muma College of Business MBA programs. “We prioritize our students' experience above all else in the business college and to see that portrayed in our program rankings makes us incredibly proud."

The benefits of the online program, cited by The Princeton Review judges, included a schedule that allows students to submit assignments around their schedules and a balanced workload. There is also a module for those unfamiliar with online education that walks students through the process of remote learning. Additionally, the judges said, administrators provides “clear instruction and helpful advice for succeeding in the program.”

Poets & Quants evaluated a number of program criteria before issuing its rankings, including admissions standards, academic experience and career outcomes.

"Quality online learning is a core competency of USF and the Muma College of Business,” Douthirt said. “It's exciting to feature this strength of the institution in our Online MBA where we positively impact the lives of busy working professionals who would otherwise not be able to complete a more traditional on-campus program."

The Muma College of Business Online MBA attracts a broad diversity of students from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Most students work full time and are able to complete the program in two to three years. Others may choose to enroll full-time and finish in one year.

"Most students join the Online MBA program as junior- or mid-level managers and the program accelerates their career growth to more senior positions,” Douthirt said. “Our recent graduates are reporting an average 23 percent salary increase at graduation compared to when they started the program."

The program offers industry relevant concentrations in areas like cybersecurity, data analytics, health care analytics and anti-money laundering.

“These optional paths,” Douthirt said, “provide students dynamic skill sets that give them a competitive edge for their next career move."

With COVID-19 gripping the nation, the appeal of an online graduate program is greater than ever. Many, Douthirt said, are turning to continuing education that will enhance their chances of advancement once the pandemic passes.

"The COVID-19 crisis has put online learning in the spotlight as many of our students find it more convenient and safer,” he said. “Interest in the Online MBA has grown tremendously during 2020 and our present enrollment of nearly 350 students is the highest it has ever been."