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Faculty Spotlight: Daniel Bradley

By Jamie Boyle

Daniel Bradley

TAMPA (January 8, 2021) -- Daniel Bradley has been teaching at USF since 2008. Bradley teaches in the MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD programs. He has always had an interest in financial analysts, their behavior, and potential conflict of interests in the industry.

Bradley just recently had two papers published in top journals. The first titled, Does Analyst Coverage Affect Workplace Safety? was published by AFA 2019 Atlanta Meeting Paper and can be downloaded here. The other paper he worked on with USF colleague Jared Williams titled, "Non-Deal Roadshows, Informed Trading, and Analyst Conflicts of Interest," was published by 2020 AFA San Deigo Meetings Paper,  looking at non-deal roadshows and how these private meetings with investors seemingly violate the spirit of major regulations that have been put in place in the past two decades to protect retail investors. That paper can be downloaded here.

A champion of research, Bradley earned his PhD from the University of Kentucky, he received the Muma College of Business Research Award in 2013, 2017-19, the USF Outstanding Research Faculty Award in 2018, and was named a Fulbright Core recipient in 2018 where he did research at ISCTE in Lisbon.

Bradley talked about the benefit of teaching at a university with a PhD program and how working with his students and learning about their interests has really expanded his own as well. In his PhD seminar, the topics covered are based on his students’ research interests, for example, he has a student interested in fintech and another in political finance. “By learning and talking with the students, I develop research ideas of my own.”

When Bradley is not working on research or in the classroom he enjoys surfing! Although he doesn’t get to do it as often as we would like, he loves the chance to get out there when the weather cooperates.