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Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Ebberhart

By Jamie Boyle

Jonathan Ebberhart

TAMPA (January 8, 2021) -- Jonathan Ebberhart graduated from USF in May 2020 with a degree in finance, concentrating in asset management, with minors in political science and economics. During his time in school, Ebberhart completed an internship with the J.P. Morgan Private Bank, which led to a full time job offer. Ebberhart has been working with J.P. Morgan Private Bank in Tampa since June 2020. His role as a wealth management analyst is to create personalized wealth plans for individuals, families, endowments, and foundations. Though he has been working remote since beginning in June, he truly enjoys the job and being part of his team.

Ebberhart’s first internship (as a freshman) was with a boutique firm, Anchor Wealth Management, in his hometown of Sanford, Florida. It was an opportunity for him to get real-world exposure early in his education and he believes it was an important stepping stone in landing the internship with J.P. Morgan as a junior. Ebberhart was an active member of the USF community during his time as a student. He participated in the Student Finance Association, The Real Estate Society, and the Free Thinkers Club.

While at USF, Ebberhart was a member of the Applied Security Analysis (ASA) Program which gives students hands-on experience in stock analysis, evaluation, and sales presentation, leading to the purchase of securities through the Student Managed Investment Fund. Ebberhart expressed how important this learning experience was to him as a student and how it helped him transition into the professional world. “As a finance student, if you want to be competitive out of school, it is so important to get into a program like ASA. We learned things that you do not get to experience in the classroom.” Professor Leo Chen was essential to his education, “the individual time that you get with Professor Chen is so important, you learn things listening to him speak that you will apply when you enter the workforce. My ASA class and I are all so grateful to Leo Chen and the relationships that were built during our time together.” The group remains close, staying in touch, and helping one another whenever possible.