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Gil lands JPMorgan Global Finance Internship in NYC

By Jamie Boyle

Xiomara Gil

TAMPA (November 9, 2021) -- Xiomara Montes Gil, a junior majoring in finance and business analytics, has earned herself a spot in the JPMorgan Global Finance Internship program in New York City this summer.

The Global Finance and Business Management Internship program with JPMorgan allows participants to spend 10 weeks gaining exposure to initiatives that drive key business results and access to senior executives through speaker events and training throughout the summer. After completing the program, many analysts receive full-time job offers.

“The thought of working for a company like JPMorgan was completely unimaginable,” said Gil, who is a student at the Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance, a part of the Muma College of Business. She applied to several other opportunities, thinking the summer program at JPMorgan was just a dream. Gil credits her peers in Delta Sigma Pi for encouraging her to apply to roles with top investment banks and helping her with professional development.

Gil moved to the United States at age 5. She was born in Lima, Peru. Due to financial struggles, she spent her later high school years debating whether college was a possibility. Luckily, scholarships from the University of South Florida gave her the opportunity to follow her dreams.

When asked how she felt about spending the summer in New York, Gil responded, “I know I put in a lot of hard work over the past few years. This is an opportunity that I can either be nervous, keep my head down and quietly get the job done, or I can put everything I worked for into this role and use the motivation I have to see where this role takes me.”

Gil is still waiting to find out her assignment. She can be placed in an office in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Jersey City. Regardless of the office, Gil is eager to jump into a role and get started. “Wherever they place me, I am excited. JPMorgan emphasizes the opportunity for career mobility. I can’t wait to see where that will lead,” said Gil.

“My life has changed in the last two months,” said Gil. “It has made me believe that I am capable of achieving anything in my career through hard work and dedication.”