Alumni Spotlight - Anita Coto

While many pursue an Executive MBA to snag a seat in the corporate board room, Executive MBA alumna Anita Coto sought the degree simply because she wanted to better herself.

"One of the reasons I wanted to earn an Executive MBA was to garner the tools necessary to make myself more valuable to the Firm. I wanted to ensure that I could do my job as effectively as possible," Coto explained. "The Executive MBA at the College of Business was definitely worth my time. It gave me the skills I need to continue to succeed in my career field."

As a Proof and Control Manager at JPMorgan Chase, Coto, who completed her degree in 2008, is responsible for balancing the Treasury Services Operations daily global financial activities. She has been employed with JPMorgan Chase for 19 years and has worked in the financial services industry for 28 years. She said she chose the College of Business because of the quality education it offered.

"All of the professors were very passionate about what they teach, and in turn, it created a passion in me to learn," Coto said. "Each of them had real-world experience they could relate to and bring into the classroom. Their knowledge was invaluable to my learning."