Faculty Spotlight - Rosann Collins

Many people would expect a professor in information systems and decision sciences to have a background in information technology or computer science, but, for associate professor Rosann Collins, the path to becoming an ISDS professor in the College of Business was far different. She earned a bachelor of fine arts degree, sculpting her way through college. Later, she designed library systems after completing her master's degree in library science. Finally, and more recently, she earned a PhD in management information systems and became a research and teaching professor.

Part of the USF College of Business since 1992, Collins teaches courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and Executive MBA levels, primarily teaching global information systems and business process management courses.

The primary focus of her research is information systems use and development and, in particular, the human cognitive effort and processes required for those activities. Collins has written and published 20+ research articles since she earned a PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1993 and continues that research in the global context and with new technologies such as information markets. Her most recently published article titled, "Control of Flexible Software Development Under Uncertainty," was published in Information Systems Research last year and centered on how the forms of control in development vary by development method.

Collins taught in Singapore and India as part of two different USF programs that allow students to earn a USF degree in marketing or international business.