Faculty Spotlight - Delroy Hunter

Delroy Hunter has had an interest in the global community long before his days in international finance. Originally from Jamaica, he developed an interest in short-wave radio while in high school and over the years kept abreast of international events, such as the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the 1986 nuclear explosion in Chernobyl. He almost pursued a career in politics, but a course on economic development sparked his interest in finance and how to effectively combine business with economic development and transformation.

Hunter's research interests include international finance, investments, and empirical asset pricing. He has presented his research at top regional, national, and international academic conferences. "Over the years I have stayed focused within my areas of interest," said Hunter. "I would rather be known as an expert in a particular area than a 'jack of all trades' in multiple fields."

For an independent study during his master's program, Hunter looked at how Latin America had begun to transform its economy by disposing of government assets to foreign portfolio investors. His passion for international finance never weakened and he brings that passion to the classroom.

"I like to incorporate my research into the classroom to show students how they can relate what's being studied to their daily professional life," said Hunter, a Bank of America Professor of Finance. "It's always rewarding to receive a phone call years after a student graduated telling me about how they successfully used the information in real-world applications."

Hunter earned a BS in management from the University of the West Indies and a MA in finance from the University of Florida. Hunter later pursued a PhD in finance from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. He has received several awards and honors, including the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Quant Award; at the 2009 Financial Management Association annual meeting his work was a semi-finalist for one of the association's five best paper awards.

Before joining the College of Business in 2001, Hunter taught at Bentley University, University of Warwick, and University of the West Indies.