Student Spotlight - Michael Malanga

Michael Malanga 

BS Accounting, August 2015
Masters in Accountancy, in progress
Hometown: Fairfield, NJ

Why did you choose USF?

I decided on USF for several reasons. When I was looking at universities I knew I either wanted to stay home in New Jersey or come down to Florida to experience something new. When I came to visit USF I fell in love with the campus and after applying I was given so many different opportunities before I even stepped on campus! I was accepted into the Bulls Business Community where I lived for two years and met some of my best friends at USF, the Business Honors Program which gave me countless opportunities while I was an undergraduate such as the chance to study abroad in Italy, and the Provost Scholars Program which gave me the opportunity to graduate in just three years and still complete research and leadership on campus. Between the opportunities I was afforded and how much I loved the campus USF became the clear choice to make my home!

Why an accounting degree?

Originally I did not major in accounting. However I could tell after just a few semesters that the accounting program here at USF provided a ton of job opportunities for its students which was of course very important to me. Since changing my major to accounting I have I've been able to join Beta Alpha Psi and complete an internship with Deloitte this past summer.

What have you been up to since acquiring your Bachelor's degree?

I have had the opportunity to begin work toward a Masters of Accountancy at the USF Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy. Additionally, I have the honor of serving as student body vice president, a position that requires me to help execute a $14.7 million budget and represent our 41,000 students!

Most memorable accounting class so far, and why?

No matter how many accounting classes I take I still think that Professor Cainas' Principals of Financial Accounting will always be my most memorable one. I distinctly remember solving problems using the example of "Cainas Cookies" and learning the basics of accounting.

Do you have any advice for incoming accounting majors?

My advice to incoming accounting majors is to make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities USF has to offer! Whether you decide to join clubs within the USF Muma College of Business, such as Beta Alpha Psi, or you choose to become a Green and Gold Guide on campus you will learn so much from your experiences outside the classroom!