Student Spotlight - Daniel Pulley

A graduate student in the Information Systems Decisions Sciences Department in the USF College of Business, Daniel Pulley went from studying people to studying computer systems. Pulley, a graduate of the University of South Florida's Anthropology Department, wanted to continue his education at USF, but decided he wanted to study a more technical subject such as management information systems.

Pulley says he enjoys the hands-on learning the ISDS Department provides to its students, and while he finds the curriculum quite challenging, it is also rewarding to learn such difficult material. He says he also appreciates the flexibility of the program, as it provides the opportunity for students to pursue specific interests.

While attending USF as an undergraduate, Pulley worked in the Pharmaceutical Diversion Division of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, analyzing records and data. Thanks to the contacts and resources available to him through the USF College of Business, he now works as a junior MIS analyst for the e-commerce company Jagged Peak.