Business Analytics and Information Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: General Questions

Why did the degree name change from Management Information Systems  to Business Analytics and Information Systems?

The term "Management Information Systems" reflects the critical and varied role that information systems plays in organizations. While information systems in organizations have many different applications, over the last many years the power of information systems to support business analytics initiatives has been a major theme in the industry. Businesses now are increasing data-driven in all aspects of their operations. Courses in the Muma College of Business reflect this data-intensive nature of information systems applications. USF faculty in t is also renowned for their credentials and specializations in exactly this focus - data analytics and business intelligence. The new name reflects current and exciting curriculum that has a strong foundation in business, data, analytics and information systems. This helps set our students apart as they enter a workforce where business analytics and information skills are increasingly intensely sought after.

What is the difference between a degree in MIS and Business Analytics and Information Systems?

Businesses today are so reliant on systems and technology and there is such a wide range of applications that information systems and technology enable for the 21st century firm. A typical MIS degree prepares students for a broad range of information systems careers in businesses. A degree in business analytics and information systems does this -- but also offers students a strong foundation in data and analytics to reflect the growing trend where business analytics needs and applications drive the demand for information systems applications. At USF, students will have access to more data/analytics courses and the core courses and capstone experience will integrate business analytics into their content.

Employers recognize the highly sought after skills of data analytics and business intelligence that is now reflected in the name for the major

Part 2: For Prospective Students and current "Pre-MIS" students.

The degree is named business analytics and information systems. Do I need to choose a track, either business analytics or information systems?

The degree is comprehensive and students do not need to choose a track. Students will graduate with skills in both analytics and information systems and will be prepared to enter the market place with careers in analytics and/or information systems.

Can I concentrate in other areas of technology?

USF offers concentrations in cybersecurity and healthcare.

Is there anything I need to do to graduate with the Business Analytics and Information Systems degree?

Other than of course choosing this as your major and doing all required coursework, no! All students that are enrolled in fall 2016 will automatically be coded as a Business Analytics and Information Systems degree seeking student.

What are the course requirements for the Business Analytics and Information Systems degree?

The course requirements are in the USF Catalog