Bulls to Business


Students in dorm room

What is the Bulls to Business Program?

The Bulls to Business program is a four-week long summer program that offers early admission to the Muma College of Business for first-year business students. The program is highly selective, allowing 26 students to complete specialized courses that will give them an early advantage in preparation for their future careers.

Benefits of the Bulls to Business Program

Incoming freshman will be eligible to enroll in the program based on their weighted high school GPA and math courses . Students will enjoy several benefits as a result of their admittance into the program:

  • Enrollment in the following courses
    Students will complete a specialized math course that allows them to bypass College Algebra and be prepared for Business Calculus in the fall. In addition, students will take an interactive professional development course typically reserved for sophomores.

  • Admission into the Bulls Business Community
    The BBC is an exclusive living-learning community for high achieving first-year business students that meet eligibility requirements. Students will have access to benefits of being in the Bulls Business Network. Admission to the BBC is contingent upon space being available.

  • Convenient Housing
    Students will move in to Cypress Hall in July. After the completion of the Bulls to Business Program, students will have the opportunity to move into Poplar Hall as members of the Bulls Business Community for the duration of the fall and spring semesters. Students living on campus will have access to the fitness center, pool, computer lab and sporting events.

  • Networking Opportunities
    The program offers students the opportunity to visit corporate offices and go on company tours to get an in-depth experience of working in a corporate environment. Students will be offered networking opportunities that are unavailable to most students.

Eligibility Requirements

Accepted students will receive a letter welcoming their admission into the Bridge Program. Members are directly admitted into the Muma College of Business and are eligible to join the Bulls Business Community.

Eligibility for the program will depend on two main factors:

  • Weighted high school GPA
  • Successful completion of selected math courses
  • Must not have completed Business Calculus for college credit

Students that have applied will receive an invitation from the selection committee welcoming their admission into the program.

Students must be in good academic standing at the end of the summer term to be guaranteed full admission to the Bulls Business Community and the Bulls Business Network.