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“True hospitality is marked by an open response to the dignity of each and every person."
- Kathleen Norris

Retention Rates

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management retention rates from 2015-2019 were 68.8%.

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, led by the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management prepares graduates for global leadership positions in the hospitality industry through foundational knowledge of hospitality operations and experiences that develop critical thinkers who promote diversity, ethical responsibility, lifelong learning, and community engagement.

Future Careers

A degree in hospitality management provides the basis for a leadership position in the top hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise companies, theme parks, restaurants, private clubs and tourist attractions in the world. Some of the career opportunities for hospitality management graduates include:

  • Hotel or restaurant managers
  • Food and beverage managers
  • Executive chefs
  • Bar managers
  • Event planners
  • Travel agents

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management students in the Hospitality Management Program will be able to do the following:

  1. Identify and apply business concepts and skills relevant to the operational areas of hospitality management.
  2. Describe and apply the fundamental principles of leadership and model the behavior of effective leaders.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  4. Analyze information and make decisions using critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  5. Evaluate diversity and ethical considerations relevant to the hospitality industry.

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