About CBCS

Fiscal Affairs

Office: MHC 1132
Phone: 813-974-1991
Steve Johnson is responsible for all fiscal matters of the CBCS college (E&G, Carry Forward, Auxiliary, Research Incentive RIA and Contract & Grant funds). In addition, he responds to CBCS State and USF Audits and to all financial requests from the Provost's Office.

Manager, Fiscal & Business Administration
Office: MHC 1134
Phone: 813-974-5894
Amanda Carpenter is responsible for performing a variety of professional and analytical tasks in support of financial management of all funding sources for the college, including inputting of pay distributions, preparation of financial reports, and funding commitment management.

Fiscal & Business Specialist
Office: MHC 1127
Phone: 813-974-6471
Kelly Francis-Holmes is responsible for providing fiscal support to various CBCS departments for a variety of funding sources, including PCard reconciliation, department ledger reconciliation, and projection of salary expenditures.

Fiscal & Business Specialist
Office: MHC 1135
Phone: 813-974-8744
Heather Wienker is responsible for providing fiscal support to all CBCS departments including inputting of pay distributions and projection of salary expenditures.