About CBCS

Fiscal Affairs

Office: MHC 1132
Phone: 813-974-1991
Steve Johnson is responsible for all fiscal matters of the CBCS college (E&G, Carry Forward, Auxiliary, Research Incentive RIA and Contract & Grant funds). In addition, he responds to CBCS State and USF Audits and to all financial requests from the Provost's Office.

Fiscal & Business Specialist
Office: MHC 1135
Phone: 813-974-8744
Heather Wienker is responsible for a variety of fiscal processes such as: providing fiscal support to all CBCS departments, managing the FMHI interdepartmental billing of photocopies and postage, inputting pay distribution and projecting salary expenditures.

Fiscal & Business Assistant
Office: MHC 1130H
Phone: 813-974-6471
Ezekiel Lousuis is responsible for the disbursement of Petty Cash and is the main contact for fiscal matters relating to CBCS Foundation accounts.

Fiscal & Business Analyst
Office: MHC 1107
Phone: 813-974-5894
Amanda Carpenter is responsible for performing a variety of professional and analytical tasks in support of the management of E&G, Auxiliary, and Foundation funds for the college.