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Safety Message #1


Officer Tracy Goodman & Security Officer Robert Westfall

As we kick off 2014, I am excited to launch my yearlong safety campaign by announcing that beginning this month we will have a representative from University Police in the MHC building in the evenings. Officer Louis Greto is a Security officer employed directly by University Police and will be patrolling the MHC building and surrounding area Sunday – Thursday from 10pm to 6am. His office will be located in MHC 1146 (in the Dean's Office, across from Student Services).  Please stop by and welcome Officer Greto to our side of the campus!

While the home base for Officer Greto will be in the Dean's Office, he will spend most of his time patrolling the immediate area, and identifying and communicating any safety concerns to the University Police. These concerns can range from suspicious persons, to areas that are improperly lit. Over time, his presence should result in a reduction in the number of potentially dangerous situations around the MHA and MHC buildings.


Officer Louis Greto

You also may have noticed that there have been increased routine patrols from University Police during the day in the MHC building. Please feel free to say hello to Sergeant Frank Wassenburg, Officer Tracy Goodman and Security Officer Robert Westfall as they make their rounds of the building and grounds. We are working to house the day officer for this area, but arrangements have not been finalized. Stay tuned!

This is the first step to ensuring that the University Police have a greater presence in our College, and I am hopeful that this first step helps alleviate some of the concerns you have expressed over the last year.



Sergeant Frank Wassenburg

Safety Tip
: How to make an emergency report.

  • From any cell phone or landline, dial 911.
  • Immediately tell the dispatcher that you are calling from the USF Campus.
  • Be specific about your location. This means that you should provide the building code and the room number. For instance MHC 1201.  The most relevant building codes for the college are: MHA, MHC, PCD and SOC.
  • If you are in the Westside Conference Center please identify your room as MHA 126 A, BC, D or E.
  • If possible, please also notify the MHC Facilities Staff at (813) 230-9839 so they can direct emergency personnel to your area as quickly as possible.