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Safety Message #10

Cyber Security

Some of you may be aware that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. During this month, USF IT will provide daily cyber safety tips on their website. I would also like to share with you some cyber security tips to help make your online forays a little safer.

As with physical security, one of the keys to cyber security is "hardening the target". This simply means that we find ways to make it difficult for attackers to infiltrate our online information. Some ways of accomplishing this are as follows:

Remember, cyber security does not just apply to our desktop computers. Our cell phones, tablet computers and other devices that have online access are all vulnerable to attack.

Furthermore, we should all be aware of phishing scams, in which attackers seek to obtain your personal information by sending you a legitimate looking email asking you to enter your password and other personal information on another website.

Remember, responsibility matters. If we all take measures to preserve the integrity of our online network, together we can greatly reduce the chances of an online attack resulting in data loss or worse.