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Safety Message #5

Safety Assessment

On January 21st, 2014, representatives from our College, as well as the University Police, Physical Plant and Environmental Health and Safety conducted a night time security assessment of the MHC and MHA buildings. The aim of this assessment was to identify and address gaps in the building security. I would like to tell you about some of the findings of this assessment.

Corporal Chad Hill and Officer Mark Aristizabal were the representatives from the University Police and are certified in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). Both were able to identify several areas of concern. Their primary concern was the landscaping around the MHC building. There were several areas where the landscaping was thick and tall and could conceal a person quite effectively. There were also concerns about trees that prevented street lights from properly illuminating certain areas around the building. Since this evaluation, the Grounds Department has been working diligently to get the landscaping issues corrected. You may have noticed that many of our hedges have been trimmed back and several plants have been removed entirely and replaced with smaller shrubs. The officers later re-evaluated the area and were quite happy with the changes that have been made thus far. As we transition to summer, the Grounds Department will continue to work on our landscaping with a crime prevention mindset.

Along with the landscaping and exterior features of the MHA and MHC buildings, representatives from the Physical Plant looked at the main entrance doors into both buildings. There were some gaps in the security of these doors that were identified and corrected immediately.  Other concerns with our sliding glass doors will be corrected over time, as budget allows.

It is worth noting that  University Police were impressed with the recently upgraded night lights around the MHA and MHC buildings leading to the parking lots, however,  the lighting in parking lot 9A, which is just south of the PCD building, is still not adequate. We contacted the Physical Plant about this and were informed that this is a known issue and is on the list to be addressed.

Finally, please note that the hours for the University Police Security Officer in the MHC building have changed. Louis Greto will now be patrolling our area Monday to Friday from 3pm to 11pm.

We will continue to review and monitor our night time security and request changes as needed.