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CARD-USF Gifted Special Artwork Now On Display Celebrating Autism Acceptance

Serhat Tanyoloçar, More Than The Pieces, 2020. Gift of the artist and Stanton Storer, University of South Florida Collection.

Serhat Tanyolocar, More Than The Pieces, 2020. Gift of the artist and Stanton Storer, University of South Florida Collection.

By: Christine Rover, CARD-USF Assistant Program Director 

A passionate art collector and generous supporter of the University of South Florida (USF) Graphicstudio, Stanton Storer, recently purchased a print entitled More Than The Pieces, 2020, from Serhat Tanyolocar, an adjunct instructor and Printmaking Coordinator at USF College of the Arts. Storer is known for choosing art that moves him; making him think and smile. Being that the artwork is focused on children with autism, Storer then generously donated the print to the USF Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD-USF), which is part of the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences (CBCS).

“As a parent of an autistic child and an autism advocate”, Tanyolocar expressed, “this is such a special occasion for my son and myself.”

The print portrays children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as puzzle pieces, reflecting the difficulty in understanding autism spectrum disorder. Behind the children, there are scientific definitions commonly associated with autism. Tanyolocar’s intent on creating this work is to depict the “beautiful diversity in autistic minds…there is originality and unlimited artistic creativity”. These children are “More than the Pieces”.

CARD-USF has gratefully accepted this generous gift from Storer as Tanyolocar’s intent aligns with their mission to provide support and assistance that optimizes the potential of people with autism and related disabilities. The piece is now part of the USF Contemporary Art Museum collection and one can view this beautiful print in the CBCS Dean’s Office, where it is on display for public viewing and appreciation.

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