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CFS Governance

The Department of Child & Family Studies Governance Council assists the Chair in reviewing key policies and decisions affecting the Department, including budgetary issues and long-term strategic planning. This Council is comprised of up to six faculty, including representatives from each of the faculty career paths: Tenured (2), Research (2), Assistant/Associate In (2), and up to three members each from the Administrative and Staff personnel categories, for a total of twelve members. In addition, the CFS representatives to the CBCS Faculty Council will select one of their members to serve as the thirteenth member of the CFS Governance Council. After an initial staggered assignment period, terms on the Council are two years in length.

The Governance Council is required to meet at least quarterly to originate, review, provide input on and, as needed, vote to endorse Departmental policies and procedures. Members of the Department are encouraged to meet with members of the Governance Council, or the Department Chair at any time to address issues of Departmental concern. It will be incumbent upon the members of the Governance Council to solicit opinions and input, both formally and informally, from the Department faculty or staff members that they represent. The Council will identify agenda items for the Departmental staff meetings, review nominations for membership on the Council, and may draft Departmental policies and/or operational recommendations.

Key areas to be addressed by the Council may include the following:

  • Strategic planning
  • Consultation on the implementation of new systems affecting the Department
  • Budget, financial accounts, hiring/layoffs
  • Functional units or other organizational support structures
  • Space and resource allocation
  • Other matters relevant to faculty and staff

CFS Governance Document

This document describes key governance structures and functions for the Department of Child and Family Studies (CFS) at the University of South Florida and the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences.

CFS Assigned Faculty Duties

This document describes the CFS policies and procedures for developing Assigned Faculty Duties (AFDs). These policies and procedures are designed to promote an open and equitable process for determining AFDs that will help advance CFS in its efforts to achieve its mission, build on the strengths and interests of our faculty, help support individual faculty and the overall department in their growth and development, and support the University of South Florida and the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences in the achievement of their strategic goals.

The CFS Governance Council Membership Representatives 2018/2019:

Members in First Year (Term ends May 31, 2020):

  • Tenure-Line Faculty: Andrew Samaha (Chair)
  • Research Faculty: Svetlana Yampolskaya
  • Assistant/Associate in Research: Catia Cividini-Motta
  • Administrative: Sarah Balmer; Tracy-Ann Gilbert Smith (Secretary)
  • Staff: Taja Sumpter

    Members in Second Year (Term ends May 31, 2019):

  • Tenure-Line Faculty: David Chiriboga (Chair)
  • Research Faculty: Debra Mowry
  • Assistant/associate in Research: Ruby Joseph
  • Administrative: Brenda Clark
  • Staff: Eric Biel; Aleatha Neal

CBCS Faculty Council Representative to CFS Governance Council*

  • Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga

CBCS Faculty Council Alternate Representative to CFS Governance Council

  • Marilyn Stern

*Only one CFS member of the CBCS Faculty Council may vote at meetings of the CFS Governance Council; both may attend


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