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Ruby Joseph Invited to Serve on USF's Institute on Black Life Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee


Ruby Joseph, CFS Assistant In Research, has been asked by the USF Institute on Black Life (IBL) to serve on their faculty-staff advisory committee. The committee plays a vital role in shaping the IBL agenda each academic year and also serves as an advocate promoting their mission and goals to a broad range of constituencies including educators, business leaders and local and global organizations.

For 27 years at USF, Ms. Joseph has devoted her time working on research, evaluation, and service implementation programs that benefit minority populations and communities throughout Florida, the United States, and Africa. She is particularly interested in issues that affect the mental, educational, and social development of children, youth and young adults.                                                      

Her most recent research on anti-racism funded by the Office of the Provost and USF Research & Innovation, investigates educational disparities affecting Black 12th graders in East Tampa and Black USF Tampa campus juniors and seniors.