Shelly Wagers

Shelly M. Wagers, Project Director

As the Project Director, Shelly Wagers is responsible for the planning, directing, organizing and coordination of the expansion of the project statewide, and for the ongoing research related to user experience and data collection.

kailey pate carter

Kailey Pate Carter, Project Manager

As the Project Manager, Kailey Carter is the main point of contact for all community partners and works to onboard new organizations into the network. Kailey works with the Project Director to execute the larger goals for the project in addition to the management of the users of the system.

meghan scott

Meghan Scott, Project Specialist

As the Project Specialist, Meghan Scott works with the Project Director to conduct ongoing research related to the user experience to continuously improve the system, hosts meetings with community partners, and provides content for our social media pages.