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Gifts from supporters like you help make human trafficking research possible. Please consider giving to the Human Trafficking Research Fund (#530067).

The USF Trafficking in Persons Risk to Resilience Lab in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences is the center of academic, basic, translational research, and community partnerships with the goal of fostering long-lasting social change through knowledge building and community collaboration creating lasting impacts on policy and practice.

The Tampa Bay region is a human trafficking hotspot. To date, Florida ranks third in the United States based on the number of human trafficking hotline reports, behind only California and Texas. The Tampa Bay region has long been considered a criminal hub for human trafficking due to the convergence of community risk including tourism, conventions, large sporting events, commercial sex industry, and vulnerable populations. As the leading research university in the Tampa Bay region, the University of South Florida is well positioned to address innovative and interdisciplinary human trafficking scholarship.

Your gift will aid in eradicating the path of destruction that human trafficking has wielded on individuals, families, and communities by increasing poverty and hindering economic and social development. Your gift will allow for the spread of invaluable community awareness, increase our knowledge base as a research university, provide access to counseling services for survivors of human trafficking, support graduate students as they embark on this invaluable research journey, and promote indelible social change. We thank you and appreciate your support in our cause to eliminate human trafficking.

What your gift will do: 

  • $1.00 - $100.00 
    • This gift will help produce informational handouts to increase community awareness and fight Human Trafficking.
  • $100.00 - $500.00
    • This gift will enable students working in the Human Trafficking Research Lab to attend educational webinars, professional workshops, and conferences.
  • $500.00 - $2,500.00
    • This gift will support the research efforts of the students and faculty of the TiP Lab.
  • $2,500+
    • This gift will support the development and production of an informational webinar (or similar product) on human trafficking that would benefit the community.