• IAC booth (sound booth)
• IA-Equinox 440 audiometer
       o Headphone and insert earphone transducers
       o High-frequency headphone
       o Bone-conduction audiometry oscillator
• CD-player
• Titmus vision screener
• TDT Psychoacoustic System
• Multiple computer workstations
• Knowles' Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research (KEMAR)
• A 64, 32, and 19 channel EEG recording system.

As the ARCT Lab is housed in the USF Hearing Clinic, the Lab has access to the following equipment:

Research with Neuroscan

• 4 additional sound booths equipped with 4 different audiometer models
• 2 GSI Tympstar Immittance devices
• 2 OAE (both DP and TE) measurement devices
• Various portable screeners (audiometer, tympanometer, OAE)
• 3 AudioScan Verifit Real-ear analyzers
• 3 Computers equipped with NOAH and access to all hearing aid manufacturer software
• Otometrics VNG system with air calorics
• CI software for Cochlear Americas, Med-El, and Advanced Bionics
• Biologic Electrophysiology system capable of ABR, ECochG, VEMP, and more
• 3 Hearing aid rooms and a conference room