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Hearing Aid Payment
Hearing Aid Trial Periods and Returns
Warranty Coverage
Loss/Damage Warranty Coverage
Hearing Aid Follow-Up Appointments
Earmolds and Hearing Aid Supplies
Cochlear Implant Policies

The USF Hearing Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. With a few exceptions, patients are only seen by appointment. We work with most insurance companies and will verify insurance coverage for hearing benefits prior to appointment times.

For any additional information, please contact the hearing clinic at 813.974.8804 or via email at


We always recommend scheduling an appointment for services. However, if you have a problem with your hearing aid or other device then you may walk in and drop off the device during clinic hours. If we cannot assess your device immediately, you may need to leave the device with the clinic and pick it up at a later time. We will promptly evaluate the device and get back to you on the status of the device or any needed repairs within 2 business days.

On Fridays, we offering special Hearing Aid Walk-In hours 9:30-noon. Established patients currently wearing hearing aids will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis for the following needs:

  • Courtesy Hearing Aid Cleaning and Check
  • Earmold Tubing Change**
  • Dome/Tube Replacements**
  • Review of Hearing Aid Programs/Accessories
  • Review of Hearing Aid Care including battery changing, insertion/removal of the aid/s

**Charges may apply

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  Hearing Aid Payment:

Medicare does not cover any portion of the cost of hearing aids or supplies. If your private insurance company does offer coverage, we will work them to ensure payment. However, patients are responsible for understanding details of coverage and hearing aids will not be dispensed until full payment is received.

Medicaid may cover some or all of the cost of hearing aids or supplies. Hearing clinic staff can help you determine your benefits during your appointment.

The USF Hearing Clinic reserves the right to submit overdue hearing aid accounts for collection or for legal action if payment is denied.

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  Hearing Aid Trial Periods and Returns:

If you are not satisfied with the hearing aid/s, they may be returned during the 30-day trial period.  The hearing aids must be in new condition and all accompanying accessories must be returned. The amount refunded includes your total hearing aid payment minus $150 if you are returning one aid or $250 if you are returning two aids. After 30 days from the date of purchase, we cannot issue refunds for hearing aids.

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  Warranty Coverage:

Hearing aids come with a minimum of one-year full repair warranty through the hearing aid manufacturer. Your audiologist will explain this or any additional coverage in detail during your appointment.

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Loss/Damage Warranty Coverage:

Hearings aids come with a minimum one-year full loss/damage warranty through the hearing aid manufacturer. If you lose a hearing aid or damage it beyond repair, then you are eligible for a replacement hearing aid of the same make and model. Please note there is a $250 claim fee per hearing aid.

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  Hearing Aid Follow-up Appointments:

Appointments for hearing aid adjustment, maintenance, or repair are included in the total cost of the hearing aids during the warranty period. Up to three follow-up appointments are covered per warranty year.

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  Earmolds and Hearing Aid Supplies:

These items are non-refundable and are excluded from the terms mentioned above.

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  Cochlear Implant Policies:

The cochlear implant process is quite extensive and specific policies will be presented once candidacy is established, however, general information regarding policy is described here.

Candidacy assessment for Cochlear Implantation is generally covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Prior to being scheduled for testing, our billing specialist will work with you to determine coverage. If you are not insured, the likelihood of proceeding with consideration for implantation is unlikely, due to the total cost of the procedure.

Payment for Cochlear Implant Surgery is determined through USF Hearing and Balance Center. Most surgical costs are reimbursable by insurance with prior authorization. Dr. Boyev's office works closely with you to assist with insurance benefits and authorization following surgery.

The USF Hearing Clinic will work with you to get proper authorization for Initial Activation and follow-up programming if you are covered by an insurance plan that we currently accept. During your candidacy appointment with us, we will review your insurance and provide additional information regarding coverage. If a patient is not covered by insurance, or changes insurance plans prior to activation of the device, the cost of activation and programming of the sound processor become the responsibility of the patient and activation of the device will not occur until payment options have been discussed.

Individual manufacturer warranties for the sound processor and equipment vary. Warranties and additional expenses for equipment repairs will be discussed following candidacy assessment. Parts and supplies fall under Durable Medical Equipment, which is frequently not covered by insurance plans. Medicaid and Medicaid cover some expenses, but patients are advised that they will incur expenses as soon as the first year of implant use.

Please note: Patients who receive cochlear implants from other Centers in the Tampa Bay area are not currently eligible for programming services and/or assistance with supplies through the USF Cochlear Implant Program.

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