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The SMART Lab is located in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy, on the first floor of the College of Behavioral & Community Sciences MPH-1727.

Directions from campus               

Accessing the lab is easiest for those who park in the lot between Fletcher and 131st. You can reach this lab via Fletcher ave (turning right on USF Banyan Circle) or Holly Drive (turning a left on USF Banyan Circle). Reference the 1A/1B section of this map for visual location details. Once you have made it to USF Banyan Circle, you should drive to lots on the side of the building (38G, 38A, or 38T on the map).

Directions from the parkinglot 

Upon arriving to the college, visitors should walk towards the awning, turn towards the right and past the picnic tables to enter towards door 1502 (near CARD services). Note: The lab space is on the 1st floor, though several staff members work on the 2nd floor. Click this link for a visual map. 


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