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Overview of the myPATH Collaborative

myPATH is a patient-centered Partnership Addressing Trauma and Healing. We are a diverse group of individuals with lived experience of trauma, providers, administrators, and researchers who are working together to plan and do research on interventions that will help primary care patients who have experienced traumatic events to improve their physical, mental, and social well-being. Our Collaborative includes partners and other stakeholders in the Tampa Bay region and across Florida, and it is coordinated at the University of South Florida. Our development was supported by capacity-building projects (summarized here and here) funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

myPATH Partnership

At the center of the myPATH Collaborative is the myPATH Partnership, who provides overall coordination and leadership. The Partnership includes members of the University of South Florida, Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, and Tampa Bay and Florida communities who have diverse personal and professional experiences related to trauma and its impacts for individuals, families, and communities. Partners have met monthly since November 2017.

Current myPATH Partners include:

Lori Brock
Johnny Crowder
Annanora Fields
Cindy Foster
Mary Goldsworthy
Sheri Gottstein
Meredith Grau
Lucy Guerra
Amber Gum
Karim Hanna
Robb Holley
Carol Horvath
Linda Mann
Tanya Moore
Ryan Nall
Lindy Pass
Leigh Ruth
Alison Salloum

myPATH Collaborative

The myPATH Collaborative includes anyone who is interested in addressing trauma for primary care patients. Collaborative members are added to a USF listserv, through which they receive a quarterly newsletter and other updates from myPATH. Collaborative members also are occasionally invited to offer input and get involved to help myPATH plan and conduct research. The Collaborative currently includes over 200 individuals who have completed myPATH training, COVID surveys, and/or research planning surveys. If you would like to join the Collaborative listserv, please email us at mypathcollaborative@usf.edu .  

myPATH Coordination Team

myPATH is coordinated by a team at USF:

  • Director: Amber Gum, PhD, Professor
  • Coordinator: Robb Holley, MD, MSW
  • Newsletter Editor: Manovna Narcisse, MPH

We can be contacted by email at mypathcollaborative@usf.edu .