Behavioral Healthcare Minor


Behavioral health problems, including mental illness and substance use disorders, are among the greatest public health challenges facing our communities. New, scientifically based treatment approaches are available to treat and prevent many of these behavioral health issues. Students will be exposed to these treatment approaches as well as to issues in the organization, financing, delivery, and outcomes of behavioral health services. The emphasis of the curricula is on those empirically validated methods of service delivery within the context of current funding, policies, and trends. Behavioral Healthcare is offered as an Undergraduate Minor by the USF Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, as a Concentration in the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science degree program, a Concentration in the Bachelor of General Studies and as a Cognate in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Bachelor's program.


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The minor behavioral healthcare is available to students interested in pursuing careers in the field of behavioral healthcare in conjunction with any undergraduate major. It should be particularly beneficial to persons majoring in such disciplines as psychology, gerontology, criminology, nursing, social work, and sociology. Combining academic and experiential learning, the minor provides students with information and practical experience which is immediately applicable to career positions in the field.

Our Success

Since the inception of the program in fall of 2003, the demand has seen an increase to over 80 new students admitted each year to the minor. The participants represent a very culturally diverse group. The first student graduated in May of 2004 and there has been a steady stream of graduates since then. Students completing the academic minor have been very successful in gaining admission to graduate schools.

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