AI-Augmented Learning & Teaching

Generative AI technologies are revolutionizing our world, profoundly influencing how we learn and teach. With public accessibility and integration of these innovations on the rise, we're witnessing the emergence of powerful tools such as ChatGPT and Bard for text generation, as well as DALL-E and others for image generation. We're eager to delve into these cutting-edge tools and reimagine our work together.

Below are current opportunities to connect. We are eager to hear your thoughts, experiences, and how you're using these tools in your programs. So, let's explore the fascinating world of generative AI together!


CITL has developed a set of recommendations to guide you through developing a course policy that meets your learning goals. These can be augmented to work in your specific context. Given the rapid advances with generative technologies, these recommendations will be regularly updated here.

Getting Started with gen Ai

Looking for a place to get started for incorporating generative AI into your courses. CITL has developed some recommendations, inspired from conversations during the Summer 2023 AI Idea Exchange. This introduction provides 5 considerations around 5 topics related to supporting learning with generative AI. 

Connect with usf community

Join the AI-Augmented Learning and Teaching Teams group. Channels include:

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AI Idea Exchange Continues!

Join CITL and colleagues across USF to share the lessons learned and new found practices of using generative AI tools in their learning experiences.

For Spring 2024, the Exchange will meet via Teams on the third Thursday of each month, beginning Feb 15, from 2 - 3 pm. Meetings are held through the AI Idea Exchange channel in the Teams group.

First Friday Workshop Series

The Teaching and Learning with Generative AI monthly workshop series continues during the Spring 2024 semester. Each month will feature insights into the latest tools and approaches to using genAI, as well as practical ideas for bringing this technology into your own courses. More information is at: CITL First Fridays Workshop Series.

Previous Workshop Recordings

Spring 2024

Fall 2023

Spring 2023

genAI at USF

Generative Artificial Intelligence provides opportunities to ethically and effectively advance our institutional mission. USF is committed to actively engaging with this rapidly developing technology to maximize these opportunities.   

Visit USF's generative AI website that contains comprehensive guidance on ethical usage, syllabus and course policy recommendations, citations, AI events and more.