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Summer 2020 Updates

Let's talk summer term! We have prepared an exciting array of classes for you throughout the summer.

Click here to view or download our Guide to OLLI Online. Not our usual catalog, but these are not usual times.

View a video walk-through of our Summer liberal arts classes here.

View a video walk-through of our Summer technology training courses here.

All summer classes, Shared Interest Groups and events will occur online, and the majority of them will be using Zoom. Our Summer Open House / Annual Meeting will be held on Zoom.

Zoom is easy to use! Register for a class; receive an email with a link. Click on that link to start your class.

Click to view OLLI-USF members' guide to Zoom.

We are regularly updating our members on what we are up to and what they -- and you -- can expect. You'll find those communications in their entirety here, the latest first. Check back often!

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Read Board Chair Phyllis Alpert's message of March 27, 2020.

Read the University of South Florida's regular updates about the coronavirus pandemic here.