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May 2023, v3n7 - Meet Mary Ettinger, 20-year member of the OLLI staff - Summer Open House (May 11) - Board Games SIG Returns

April 2023, v3n6 - Meet Charise Dixie, Enrollment Management Specialist - The Beauty and Opportunity of April - Newcomers Dutch Lunch (April 13) - Annual Picnic (May 5) - Summer Open House (May 11) 

March 2023, v3n5 - Meet Joseph McAuliffe, Educational Programming Manager - #OLLI2k Membership Drive Kicks Off - Travel Opportunities: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Trip Begins Oct. 6 - Out and About with OLLI 

Feb. 2023, v3n4 - Meet Cath Mason: Operations Manager with a Poetic Flair - Travel Opportunities: Epic Iceland - What Was Putin Thinking? OLLI Members Explore the Issues at Winter Open House - OLLI Celebrates Chinese New Year

Jan. 2023, v3n3 - From the Desk of Veronica Maxwell - Winter Open House - Celebrating Ara's Era - Heartwarming Holiday Social - The OLLI Bird is Back

Dec. 2022, v3n2 - From the Desk of Veronica Maxwell - A Big Thank You To Mary Ettinger - OLLI Holiday Social - Winter Open House 

Nov. 2022, v2n13 - A Tribute to Ara - A Message from Veronica - Out and About with OLLI - A Great Trip to Utah

Oct. 2022, v2n12 - Meet Veronica Maxwell, New OLLI Director - Growth Spurt - Biking Group

Sept. 2022, v2n11 - Meet Nancy Stuart - Florida Wilds Trips - Fond Farewells

Aug. 2022, v2n10 - Don Clark Turns 90 - Colorado Trains Trip - Meet Susan Northcutt

Jul. 2022 - V2, N9 - Recognizing volunteers; Live from Korea; We lose Rodney

Jun. 2022 - V2, N8 - Opportunities Abound, Iceland Travel, SIGs and New Liaison

May 2022 - V2, N7 - Booklovers is Back, Holland Travel, Meet Steve Specter

Apr. 2022 - V2, N6 - Summer Open House! Go to Utah with Us, OLLI-UNF opportunity

Mar. 2022 - V2, N5- Podcast, Out & About with OLLI, Bharat finds his inner nerd

Feb. 2022 - V2, N4 - Recognize an Outstanding Volunteer, OLLI Connects' new look

Jan. 2022 - V2, N3 - Out and About, Travel returns, Apply for the OLLI Board

Dec. 2021 - V2, N2 - Socials, OLLI Out and About, Contributions sought

Nov. 2021 - V2, N1 - Winter Preview, Wine Tastings, Flying Tigers event

Oct. 2021 - V1, N12 - Annual Report, Social opportunities

Sep. 2021 - V1, N11 - New Registration Software, We Love Instructors

Aug. 2021 - V1, N10 - OLLI Bird Discounts, Registration changes

Jul. 2021 - V1, N9 - When Will We See You Again, Closed Captions on Zoom

Jun. 2021 - V1, N8 - June is Busting Out, Volunteer Awards, Baysounds

May 2021 - V1, N7 - Sumer is icumin in, Annual Meeting, FIU Reciprocity, OLLI en Español

Apr. 2021 - V1, N6 - Vaccination Elation, Open House preview, Socials

Mar. 2021 - V1, N5 - Spring is Marching In, Zoom emojis, more

Feb. 2021 - V1, N4 - February Made Me Shiver, board and volunteer award nominations

Jan. 2021 - V1, N3 - Winter events, A Zoom with a View, more

Dec. 2020 - V1, N2 - Privacy policy, Candid Camera, more

Nov. 2020 - V1, N1- Debut edition!