Returning to Campus

Academic Program Delivery (12/7)

Promoting the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty, staff and visitors remains the primary consideration in planning for academic continuity in spring 2021. USF is planning to deliver a comprehensive and robust class schedule, including expanded in-classroom and hybrid courses on-campus along with quality online options to provide continued flexibility, allowing you to plan a schedule that best meets your needs. Please be sure to check the class schedule frequently as changes will continue throughout the registration process. Learn more about the course options available to you.

More information can be found in the Spring Semester Update from October 5, 2020.


This USF Toolkit for Instructional Continuity provides you with the information and resources necessary to support your online course delivery including frequently asked questions and technical assistance.

All students, faculty, and staff should remain flexible, as schedules and delivery modes may need to be adjusted at any point during the spring 2021 semester. We cannot stress enough that this public health event is highly dynamic and requires adaptability from the broader university community.