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Welcome to USF World's International Travel homepage. USF World is responsible for facilitating, promoting, and supporting all USF faculty, staff, and student international travel. International travel is defined as travel to any location outside of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and therefore includes all international bodies of water and U.S. territories, as well as foreign countries. You will find a great deal of information here that will serve you well as you plan and travel abroad on behalf of USF. USF Policy #10-507 explains USF World's authority regarding registration and related procedures for USF international student-related travel and international business travel.

As of January 1, 2022, each Florida public research institution must establish an international travel approval and monitoring program for international travel. Business travelers should have an authorized Travel Request in place in the Archivum System to trigger the process. Please note that if you will be traveling with students, you must also register with USF World. You can access a quick survey here if you are unsure of the appropriate registration process for your anticipated travel.

Per Section 1010.36, Florida Statutes, all USF faculty, researchers, and research department staff traveling internationally for employment-related activities must have specific approval prior to travel.  Please utilize the Archivum System to ensure that your travel meets all state requirements. New process was instituted on February 3, 2023. You can find more information about the state's policy on this fact sheet HERE.

USF Health travelers should follow the travel processes of USF Health International.

USF Policy #10-507 requires that all student-related global travel must be registered and authorized by USF World. The registration process differs based upon the type of travel and the destination. If you are looking for a USF sponsored education abroad program, our Study Abroad Program Discovery tool will help you find the program that fits with your academic goals and personal interests. If you are traveling independently, alone or as the leader or member of a group, use this survey to be directed to the appropriate registration process for your planned travel.

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International Travel For Students

USF Policy #10-507 requires that all student-related global travel must be registered with USF World. Certain policies and processes have been established to support the registration of student travelers traveling alone or joining an international experience that is independent from USF Education Abroad programs led by faculty, exchange partners, and affiliate providers. Information for students traveling abroad independently can be found in this section. Please be aware that there is a separate registration process for USF sponsored Education Abroad Programs.

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Global business Travel For Faculty and Staff

USF faculty and staff must complete a Travel Request at the unit or department level when traveling for business (through Archivum). Once a Travel Request is authorized, the traveler is eligible for complimentary enrollment in comprehensive health and travel safety insurance through United HealthCare Global. If a faculty or staff member is attending an activity abroad in which USF students are participating, they become associated to the students' international travel and are designated "Associate Travelers." As such, they must create a proposal and register their travel, and they must also meet minimum training and certification requirements. You can find information on traveling abroad with and without students in this section.

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Need emergency assistance or help while abroad? In this section you will find instructions about how to seek emergency assistance, who to call and how, what constitutes reporting an emergency while oversees, and the importance of always monitoring your USF email account while you are away.

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Insurance Information

USF provides international healthcare and emergency evacuation insurance coverage for all properly registered USF international travelers. United HealthCare Global (UHCG) is our provider for this comprehensive insurance policy. Once you are registered as an authorized USF international traveler, you will be automatically covered by the policy for your dates of travel. UHCG offers USF travelers many services including medical assistance, help with replacing lost or stolen travel documents, emergency travel arrangements, and a 24/7 global intelligence center to ensure that you remain aware of potential travel disruptions while at your global destination. You can read more about UHCG in this section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling abroad can be an exciting but confusing time. Here you will find some of the most often frequently asked questions for international travel. In this section you will find helpful answers on some troublesome questions regarding international travel in general, travel for students, and travel specifically for our international students.