New, Incoming, and Current International Students

Welcome new, incoming, and current international students from the International Student Support Team!

A Warm World Welcome and Introduction

The purpose of this website is to introduce new and incoming international students to important University of South Florida (USF) systems and resources on its three campuses: Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. In addition, students will get to know the International Student Support (ISS) Team. 

By learning about the university’s systems, international students will be able to complete many of their enrollment requirements even before they arrive to USF. They will also become familiar with systems such as Canvas, Microsoft Teams, and Oasis that all USF students use regularly. 

Finally, by learning about the resources featured on this website, we hope that our international students will gain access to information and support that will allow them to succeed in their studies at USF, and have fun under the sun! Our Team is always available for personal, 30-minute consultations on Microsoft Teams from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm (EST).

Begin by selecting one of the options below:

Navigating USF Systems and Preparing for Your Arrival

Congratulations on your acceptance! As a new or incoming student, navigating your way around USF's virtual systems and preparing for your arrival is important for enrolling in classes and to start a semester sucessfully.

Become familiar with USF's virtual systems by reading our guide on how to access USF-related email accounts, academic course information, and other important online resources.

If you select to become part of USF's community, you can read about the Next Steps to successfully enroll into the university by completing university-designated requirements, registering for orientation and classes, and look for housing and meal plan options.

Rocky the Bull syas "Complete the following checklist to track your progress and unlock prizes upon completing the entire game. Game steps include: submit your admissions deposit, submit your transcripts, test scores, and exam credits, sign up and pay for orientation, explore the "MyBullspath" portal, complete your immunization requirements,  apply for housing, and complete your iStart Pre-Arrival Checklist"

Events and Workshops

The International Student Support Team hosts a variety of informative online and in-person workshops and events to help students get answers to their questions and learn about university services and resources.

Students that have concerns before arriving can get help from the International Student Support Team by attending our weekly online interactive webinars to learn about how to complete requirements from the university, ease your worries by asking questions, and learn about how to have fun while in the Florida.

Help from the International Student Support Team does not stop once you get to your USF campus! You can check-in with us at the Tampa campus where we host important and engaging in-person events for our international students, and allow groups to use our space for events.

Students posing for a photo looking happy while signing "Go Bulls"

USF Resources & Services and Living in Tampa Bay Area

We know the adjustment to a new university environment is a challenge. To make your exciting transition easier, we have created content for you to get a better idea of the services and resources available for students, and what to know about living in the Tampa Bay Area.

To help students know more about their USF campuses resources and services, and the amenities offered to students, you can read our articles about USF Resources and Services across all three of our campuses.

Living in a new learning setting not only comes with its challenges and achievements, but also a new community and environment worth exploring to make the most of your time at USF fun! Learn about places to explore and things to do outside of our USF campuses with our Living in Tampa Bay guide.

Map of Florida with all three USF campuses highlighted, along with the cities of Miami and Orlando

Location and Parking

Faculty Administration Office Address:
4201 USF Willow Dr.
Tampa, FL 33620

Parking: Closest Daily visitor (D) parking is available in lot 7B. Student (S) parking is available for lots 7B, 21, and Collins Blvd Parking Facility. Meter parking is located in lot 37. Download parking map.

Bus: Closest Bull Runner stops are the Purple lines Sessums Mall (south) and CW Bill Young Hall (north).