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Internal Advisory Groups

As a unit that serves the entire university across all of its campuses, USF World works closely with chosen college representatives and advisory group members to ensure that the international activities of USF faculty and students are as productive and safe as possible. The three main advisory bodies to USF World are the Education Abroad Advisory Council, Global College and Campus Representatives, and the Global Risk Assessment Committee and are responsible for ensuring that education abroad, international research, and travel-oriented concerns of the broader USF community are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

USF World would like to thank those that serve on these advisory bodies:

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The Education Abroad Advisory Council is charged with making recommendations on a mixed education abroad programs portfolio (exchange, affiliate, and faculty-led) based on education abroad staff capacity, affordability, marketability, academic rigor, geographic diversity, accessibility, and viability. Members review and provide feedback on education abroad policies and procedures, build education abroad capacity, and promote education abroad to students and colleagues. The committee reviews and evaluates faculty-led program proposals for academic rigor, affordability, and viability, and makes recommendations on programming to the Education Abroad Office. Representatives are invited to participate at the request of the [Interim] Vice President for USF World. Appointments are for a two-year term, excepting those representatives appointed for 3 years initially to stagger new appointments and maintain a continuity of operations.


Click to view a table of Global College and Campus Representatives.

Global College and Campus Stewards
College / Campus Representative Email
The Arts Dr. Barton Lee blee@usf.edu
Arts and Sciences Dr. Allison Cleveland-Roberts acroberts@usf.edu
Behavioral & Communication Sciences Dr. Jennifer Lister jlister@usf.edu
Dean of Students (Undergraduate) Dr. Danielle MacDonald dmcdonald@usf.edu
Education Dr. Luis Visot lvisot@usf.edu
Engineering Dr. Rasim Guldiken guldiken@usf.edu
Genshaft Honors College Dr. Benjamin Young bsyoung2@usf.edu
Genshaft Honors College Ms. Meghan Braunstein mbraunstein@usf.edu
Honors College, St. Petersburg Dr. Thomas Smith twsmith2@usf.edu
International Admissions Mr. Sean GIlmore gilmore@usf.edu
Marine Science Dr. Thomas Frazer tfrazer@usf.edu
Marine Science Dr. David Naar naar@usf.edu
Muma College of Business Dr. Timothy Heath timothyheath@usf.edu
Nursing Dr. Barbara Smith bsmith8@usf.edu
Nursing Dr. Cheedy Jaja cheedyj@usf.edu
School of Graduate Studies Dr. Ruth Bahr rbahr@usf.edu
Office of National Scholars Ms. Lauren Roberts robsertsl1@usf.edu
Office of National Scholars Ms. Lauren Chambers lschumac@usf.edu
Office of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Allison Crume acrume@usf.edu
Patel College of Global Sustainability Dr. Joseph Dorsey dorseyjw@usf.edu
Public Health Dr. Tricia Penniecook tpenniec@usf.edu
USF Health Dr. Lynette Menezes lmenezes@usf.edu
USF Health Mr. Jesse Casanova jcasanov@usf.edu
USF Libraries Dr. Carol Ann Borchert borchert@usf.edu
USF Sarasota-Manatee campus Dr. Brandon McLeod brandonmcleod@usf.edu
USF St. Petersburg campus Ms. Wendy Baker wbaker@usf.edu


Global Stewards are necessary for USF to successfully operate as a global research university dedicated to student success. Current members can find the most recent meeting notes and presentations here.

Click to view a table of Global Risk Assessment Committee members.

Global Risk Assessment Committee
College / Campus Representative Email
AVP & Dean for Students Ms. Danielle McDonald dmcdonald@usf.edu
Emergency Management Ms. Jennifer Fleischman jfleischman@usf.edu
Environmental Health and Safety

Ms. Katharine Simpkins


Ed Abroad, USF World Ms. Amanda Maurer amaurer@usf.edu
General Counsel Ms. Hilary Black hblack@usf.edu
Graduate Studies Dr. Ruth Bahr rbahr@usf.edu
Student Health Services Dr. Joseph Puccio jpuccio@usf.edu
University Communications and Marketing Mr. Adam Freeman adamfreeman@usf.edu
USF Health Dr. Don Mullins mullinsd@usf.edu
USF Health - College of Public Health Mr. Jesse Casanova jcasanov@usf.edu
USF Health - Medicine International Dr. Lynette Menezes lmenezes@usf.edu
USF Police Department Mr. Dominick Marckese dmarckes@usf.edu
USF Sarasota campus Dr. Fawn Ngo fawnngo@usf.edu
USF St. Petersburg campus Dr. Tiffany Chenneville chennevi@usf.edu
USF World, Tampa campus Dr. Kiki Caruson kcaruson@usf.edu
USF World, St. Petersburg campus Ms. Wendy Baker wbaker@usf.edu