Global Partner Spotlights


Consistent with USF's mission as a globally-engaged research university, a small number of high impact strategic institutional partnerships spotlight the breadth and depth of innovative collaboration that produce high calibur students and research alike. Programs in Colombia, Ghana, and the United Kingdom give USF faculty and students an opportunity to work and study with colleagues and peers at USF's global partner universities. These interactions develop common projects that serve as the foundation for external funding, collaborative teaching, research, and learning, and creative scholarly activities. 

As the global challenges facing our community grow increasingly tangible to our students, it is important to recognize the critical nature of global engagement for both researchers and institutions. The arts and sciences are global endeavors and international research collaboration is necessary for accelerating scientific growth and advancement. The most influential research is conducted by groups of researchers who, among other characteristics, are located around the world. Publications with co-authors from more than one country generate higher impact science and discovery, and the international co-publications of USF-affiliated authors result in consistently higher impact and citation scores than domestic publications. Bibliometrics show that USF faculty who publish with an international co-author have normalized citation impacts nearly twice that of domestic co-publications and have 15% more of their documents cited. Explore the section on research collaborations to see who USF collectively publishes with, where, and in which subject areas.