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Topics covered on this page:

      USF Safety and Security Downloads
      Useful Websites with Safety and Security Information for Traveling Abroad
      Safety and Security Information for Travelers with Special Considerations
      Cyber Security, Privacy, and Export Controls
      Natural Disaster Planning and Notifications
      Health Guides and Downloads
      Transportation Downloads


I. Safety and Security Information

USF Safety and Security Downloads

Pocket Manual for Associate Travelers

USF World Associate Traveler Field Book

Pocket Manual for Student Travelers

Tips for Complying with Policy #10-507

Title IX Process Flyer

Title IX How to File a Report

VAWA Resources

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Useful Websites with Safety and Security Information for Traveling Abroad

Embassy Information | A List of U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) | Register with the local U.S. Embassy and get travel alerts.

CIA World Fact Book | The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Electricity Around The World | Access here a complete overview of all countries of the world and their respective plugs/outlets and voltages/frequencies used for domestic appliances.

Pathways to Safety International | International organization providing resources to prevent (and address) interpersonal and gender-based violence abroad.

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Safety and Security Information for Travelers with Special Considerations

LGBTQI+ Travelers Abroad | A U.S. State Department guide for LGBTQI+ travelers abroad.

Students Abroad | A U.S. State Department guide for student travelers.

Students with Disabilities Checklist for International Travel | Handy checklist from USF Education Abroad on preparation for your trip, accommodations when traveling, and disabability culture abroad.

Travelers to High Risk Areas | U.S. State Department information for areas abroad regarded as dangerous and high risk to U.S. travelers.

Women Travelers | A U.S. Department of State guide for women traveling abroad - especially for those traveling alone.

Diversity Abroad | Explore this organization's useful online guides for a variety of views on diversity and inclusion abroad. They have a useful guide available here.

Traveling with Disabilities | Each country has its own standards of accessibility for persons with disabilities. Before you travel, visit and enter a country or area to find information for mobility-impaired travelers in the "Special Laws & Circumstances" section.

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Cyber Security, Privacy, and Export Controls

Safety and Security for U.S. Students Traveling Abroad | Guide from the U.S. FBI introducing students to threats they may face and provides tips on avoiding unsafe situations - including telephone, laptop, and electronic device security.

USF Office of Export Controls | The Office of Export Controls at the University of South Florida was established to help faculty, researchers, and staff navigate the complex environment of export regulations. USF is committed to the highest level of compliance with U.S. export control regulations.

A Guide to Protecting Your Information and Privacy While Traveling| Guide created by the National Council for Safety, Protection, and Wellness with important information on cyber security and protecting your private electronic information while traveling.

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Natural Disaster Planning and Notifications

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) | Register for natural disaster alerts. GDACS is a cooperation framework between the United Nations, the European Commission and disaster managers worldwide to improve alerts, information exchange, and coordination in the first phase after major sudden-onset disasters.

USGS Earthquake Notifications | Register to get earthquake alerts. New accounts default to receiving notifications about earthquakes with magnitude 6.0 or greater however you can customize ENS to only deliver messages for certain areas, at specified times, and to multiple addresses. ENS can even send text notifications to your cell phone.

Department of Homeland Security | A series of online resources and guides for natural disaster planning.

SAFETI - Adaption of Peace Corps Resources | The SAFETI Clearinghouse of the Center for Global Education has developed this website by adapting resources developed by the U.S. Peace Corps that focus on health and safety issues.

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II. LGBTQI+ Travelers Abroad

Country laws vary regarding the rights of those who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Queer, or Intersex. It can also be difficult to find country-specific information regarding the law only offered in a language that you do not primarily speak. You will find some very helpful resources below – both for country information and personal conduct advice while abroad.

Asher & Lyric LGBTQ+ Danger Index |A researched and sources articles on the worst (& safest) countries for LGBTQ+ travel in 2019. There is a helpful list of safety tips shared by travel experts at the end of the article and a great variety of other online linked sources provided.

Diversity Abroad | If you are an LGBTQ+ student, it is important to understand that being out while you are abroad can affect your experiences. Find the Diversity Abroad's LGBTQ+ guide for traveling abroad here.

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association | Every year, ILGA publishes its State-Sponsored Homophobia report, a world survey of sexual orientation laws. They also have a unique set of maps to separately chart where criminalization, protection, and recognition laws are enacted.

Man About World LGBTQ Travel Safety Guide | Downloadable guide designed to assist in the challenges of navigating cultural differences while traveling as lesbians, gay men, and/or transgender and non-binary individuals.

Short Course Tips & Resources – LGBTQ Resources | International travel resource guide provided by Diversity Abroad. Questions for reflection, online resources, and books to research are included on this one page preparation aid.

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III. International Travel Health Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | Country-specific notices for travelers' health needs. These are sortable by destination country, condition (if applicable), and type of travel. You can find Covid-19 specific travel information here.

World Health Organization (WHO) | Country-specific health notices and vaccination requirements/recommendations.

Health Guides and Downloads

Basics for Traveler Health | A guide from USF Student Health Services on general international food, health, and travel safety - as well as immunization costs for students.

For Those Who Are Bringing Medicines into Japan | Important guide and forms needed when traveling with prescription medication to Japan.

Mosquito Bite Protection | A handy CDC guide on how to properly protect yourself and treat clothing and gear against mosquitoes potentially carrying dangeous diseases.

Pre-Departure Medical Checklist | Please refer to this USF checklist prior to any international travel. It contains important reminders about immunizations, traveling with medications, and mental health abroad.

TSA Notification of Medical Device Card

TSA Accommodations Tips

TSA Know Your Rights

Hanging Out or Hooking Up Guide | Biligual (English-Spanish) guide on communication and interpersonal safety while seeking new relationships.

Helping a Friend | What to do if someone you know has been sexually assaulted.

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IV. International Travel Transportation Information

CDC International Travel | Find current information on traveling abroad from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

FlightAware | Track live airport flights, delays, and more.

Transportation Security Administration | Travel tips from TSA.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection | Information on importing food, plant, animal products, access to advisories and wait times, and more.

Transportation Downloads

TSA Notification Card | For individuals with disabilities and medical conditions.

TSA Accommodations Tips

TSA Know Your Rights

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V. Other Helpful Resources at USF

USF International Travel Policy #10-507

USF Student Health Services Travel Clinic

USF Student Accessibility Services

USF Center for Victim Advocacy

USF Title IX Office

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