For Global Travelers

Passport and Visa Information

Is your passport expired? Will it be valid during the duration of your travel? Generally, passports must be valid for at least 6 months after the last day of travel abroad, but for certain countries it could be as long as 18 months!  Entry requirements vary depending on the passport holder’s nationality and the host-country requirements.  A U.S. passport holder may have different passport validity requirements than a person traveling with a different passport. 

U.S. Passport processing times can take up to 13 weeks – apply early. USF has a passport processing office for new applications at the Shimberg Health Sciences Library. Visit the U.S. Department of State for more information about passports and for passport renewals.

The International SOS Global Assistance App has the visa and passport entry requirements for all destination countries. Download and install the app for country information. 

A visa is an entry/residency permit granted by the government of a country. Obtaining a Visa is the responsibility of the individual traveler. All travelers will need to verify visa requirements and processing times. Visa requirements are based on the destination country and the citizenship of the visitor as well as the traveler’s activities in the destination country.

U.S. Citizens can check the Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements section of your intended destination by visiting the Country Information Page to identify passport validity requirements and visa requirements for the destination.

Other nationalities should consult with their foreign ministry and the consulate or embassy of the destination country to verify passport validity requirements and visa requirements. 

International Students studying on a visa at USF must initiate an E-Form in iStart well before departing the U.S. Click here to initiate an E-Form in iStart. If you have questions about this process, contact USF International Services.

All travelers should make digital and paper copies of passports and visas before departure.