For Global Travelers

Travel Insurance Information

Coverage and Benefits

Coverage is provided and paid for by USF for all properly registered USF international travelers. United HealthCare Global (UHCG) is our provider of this comprehensive insurance policy. International travel is travel to any location outside of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and therefore includes all international bodies of water and U.S. territories, as well as foreign countries.

Once you are registered as an authorized USF international traveler, you will be automatically covered by the policy for your dates of travel. Some of the benefits provided by this policy include medical and security evacuation benefits. You can view more information below. If you need a confirmation letter from UHCG for your visa application, please contact the International Risk and Security Coordinator.

Specific Coverage and Policy Information

Medical Benefits: cover any bodily injuries sustained in a covered accident. This benefit will provide a maximum limit of $250,000 and no deductible. UHCG provides coverage for the treatment of a pre-existing condition.

  • UHCG provides coverage for the treatment of a pre-existing condition. You should always familiarize yourself with the coverage of benefits prior to departure. It is also recommended to understand the host institution’s support infrastructure on arrival. This will become very useful if you become ill or injured while abroad.

Security Evacuation Benefits: are used when a situation near your program location is deemed too dangerous for the program to continue as planned. If an evacuation is necessary, the University will notify you via email or phone.

  • In the event of an evacuation, since you are a participant of a university sponsored program, you must evacuate. If a USF program is evacuated, the evacuation is for all participants within the vicinity. Our office will work to secure some form of academic activity to retain credit, if possible.
  • For students, if you refuse to evacuate you must withdraw from the program and cut ties with the university. This includes withdrawal from your host school, host accommodations, internship, volunteer activities, and the semester in progress. Your UHCG insurance must also be withdrawn. This could have a serious impact on your student visa/status at USF or in-country, your academic standing, and/or your financial aid.

USF UHCG Welcome Guide for Business Traveler

USF UHCG Welcome Guide for Student-Faculty Related Travelers

USF UHCG Coverage and FAQs for Business Travelers

USF UHCG Coverage and FAQs for Students and Associated Travelers

USF UHCG Claim Form

USF UHCG Policy Documents

Insurance Coverage and Filing a Claim

Your insurance benefits will cover you if you become ill, injured, or your program location is deemed unsafe. If you become ill while abroad contact UHCG at +1-410-453-6330. You will need to identify yourself and provide them with our USF UHCG policy number. Business travelers provide the USF policy number #902901827. Student travelers provide individual policy number listed on your UHCG card. If you do not have access to the number, you may provide the USF policy number #902901829 [student-related travel], name, and date of birth.

If you are unable to call, have someone call on your behalf. They will give you referrals to English-speaking physicians, emergency rooms, hospitals, or other health care facilities that they are familiar with. UHCG will make sure to call you back regularly to conduct a follow-up. They may ask to call your physician to check on appropriate treatment. USF will be notified of your situation. Your emergency contact will only be notified at your request, or by law when necessary.

UHCG can often arrange for payment, but they must be contacted early on, and it is usually for more expensive admission into a hospital. In some situations, cash payments for services are required up front, particularly for minor ER visits. In this case, it is recommended to have some extra cash in case you may have to pay for medical services up front. Always keep your receipts for any routine medical care, prescriptions, or other medical costs. You must have these in order to file a claim with UHCG when you return to the U.S.

UHCG and your Smartphone

Creating a User Account with the UHCG Global Intelligence Center

  1. Follow this link to the UnitedHealthcare Global Intelligence Center
  2. Click "Create User"
  3. Enter your UHCG Program ID Number given to you by UHCG on your UHCG card or #902901829 (For student-related travel) and #902901827 (For business-related travel). Click Next.
  4. Read and agree to the Terms of Use. Click Next.
  5. Complete your Account Information: Username, Password, Email, Security Question and Answer. Click Next.
  6. Complete your User Information: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Primary Phone. Click Finish.

Downloading the UHCG WorldWatch Monitoring App for Use While Abroad

  1. User must sign in via desktop.
  2. Log in via desktop at and enter your One Healthcare ID and password. If you do not have a One Healthcare ID, follow their directions on the website home page.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to WorldWatch Monitoring and you will enter the desktop version of the platform.
  4. Download the UHC Global WorldWatch application from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  5. Here is a UHCG WWM FAQ document for registration and download concerns.

Placing the UHCG Global Intelligence Center onto Your Smartphone

  1. On your smart phone or tablet create this shortcut:
  2. Log in using your account information created above and get access to:
    • Intel: Open Medical and Security country level intelligence briefings.
    • Alerts: Open Medical and Security alert options.
    • ERC: Dial the Emergency Response Center.
    • Profile: View your UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance ID # and account details.
    • Logout: Exit Mobile Global Intelligence Center.
    • Home: Returns you to the Home screen from any other part of the app.
    • Info: The “i” button opens a pop-up with general "About UnitedHealthcare Global" information, including a list of country-specific toll-free numbers for calling our Emergency Response Center.

Other Important Information

Insurance Coverage Before or After Your Program

UHCG coverage is only provided for the registered dates of travel. If you decide to travel before or after your USF international experience, you will need to obtain additional international health insurance. While you may believe your domestic health insurance policy will cover the costs for any medical care needed abroad, it is likely you will be required to pay upfront and later seek reimbursement. Keep in mind that hospitalization or evacuation abroad can cost as much as $40,000. Do you have immediate access to that much money on a moment's notice?

If you would like to extend your insurance coverage beyond your program date, contact the UHCG enrollment center at +1-800-732-5309. Feel free to view the UHCG FAQ page for business or student traveler for additional information. Remember, you will need to independently purchase this separate insurance coverage. USF World cannot do this for you.

Leisure Travel Coverage

USF does not insure you for vacation or leisure travel abroad when it is outside of your registered travel dates. USF strongly recommends that you purchase a personal policy to cover that time period. It is very affordable and well worth it.

Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance 

The UHCG Insurance is not Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance. International travelers are strongly encouraged to individually purchase travel and trip cancellation insurance which covers you for any problems/costs associated with your travel – stolen luggage, delayed/ cancelled flights, etc. You can normally find this insurance by asking the airline. It is not a USF reimbursable expense.