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Coverage and Benefits

Medical, safety, and security coverage is provided and paid for by USF for all properly registered USF international travelers for trips abroad for up to 365 days. International SoS (ISoS) is our provider of these comprehensive services. International travel is defined as travel to any location outside of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and therefore includes all international bodies of water and U.S. territories, as well as foreign countries.

Every registered USF traveler as defined in USF policy 10-507  including faculty or staff traveling on University Business, or students and faculty traveling on student related travel will be enrolled in the Global Health and Security Insurance.  The policy offers limited accident and health insurance policy for the days of travel.  In addition, USF travelers will receive comprehensive 24/7 assistance through International SoS (ISoS). The cost of insurance and most support services are borne by the University on behalf of all international travelers. 

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  • Pre-travel training, medical and travel advice and education through ISoS.
  • 24/7 multilingual support from medical and mental health professionals around the world.
  • Security and safety monitoring throughout the globe.
  • Evacuation and repatriation in case of medical and non-medical emergencies. 
  • The policy provides in-person and remote mental health support.  
  • The coverage has no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. 
  • Trip Delay and Trip Interruption coverages are included.

The insurance is managed by a third-party administrator (Gallagher) that processes claims to the insurance company and covers travelers for the period of official travel and up to 14 days on either end of the official travel in the event a traveler arrives early or departs late from their period of official travel up to 365 days of coverage.


Getting Help

Call ISOS for any travel-related health, security, or personal wellness emergency. Your policy benefits will cover you if you become ill, injured, or your program location is deemed unsafe. If you become ill while abroad please contact ISoS through the ISoS Assistance App. You will need to identify yourself and provide them with our USF ISoS policy number (399GDA1018486IT).

To use USF's health insurance, after consulting with on-site staff, call International SoS at +1-215-942-8478 (collect calls accepted worldwide) – when calling, reference member ID 399GDA1018486IT.

We strongly suggest that ALL travelers download the ISoS App onto a phone that they will have with them during travel. Take hard copies of ISoS phone number and USF’s ID number in case your phone is lost or unavailable. 

ISoS membership card - front


ISoS membership card - back


ISoS Assistance Application

The ISoS Assistance Application is a digital safety and security desktop and mobile app. It enables you to stay in contact with ISoS Global while traveling worldwide for work, research, or education. The App provides a 24/7 live chat for phone assistance, security, and medical content for all destinations, as well as valuable travel tools, such as planners and notifications. It is required that you have this app on your phone while traveling.

ISOS app download qr code

To use the ISOS Assistance Application, you must first download the ISoS Assistance App to your smartphone. Scan the QR code (left) to download the App or search for “International SoS Assistance App” via iOS App Store, Google Play, or App World.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow the easy "getting started" instructions. For more info on how to establish an account, register, and use the application please visit the ISoS Assistance App website.


Other Important Information

Insurance Coverage Before or After Your Program

Participants will have customized insurance dates based on the start and end dates of their travel programs. Travelers are covered for the period of official travel and up to 14 days on either end of the official travel in the event a traveler arrives early or departs late from their period of official travel – up to 365 days in total.

Travel Delay and Trip Interruption Insurance 

Trip Delay may provide reimbursement for reasonable expenses associated with delayed departures (weather, carrier flight delays, transportation etc.) Trip Interruption coverage covers reimbursement of reasonable expenses for a medical or other emergency, you may qualify to use the trip interruption benefit in USF Insurance policy.

These are reimbursable expenses, but you must clarify eligibility for a specific case before seeking reimbursement for reasonable expenses. Departing a program early can impact the remainder of your insurance coverage, as well as academic and financial aid impact.

Travel delay and interruption claim information can be found on this form.

Reimbursement Claims 

In the event you sought medical treatment abroad for a minor accident or sickness and paid out of pocket for that treatment, please follow the instructions below to seek reimbursement for your claim: 

  • Complete your Claim Form and make sure that you include the Zurich Policy Number: GPT 5564009
  • Save copies of all itemized doctors’ bills and be sure to include proof of payment (receipts) 
  • Scan and email everything to

Cancel For Any Reason Insurance 

Students going on an Education Abroad Program should purchase Cancel for Any Reason Insurance (CFAR/IFAR). CFAR insurance can help safeguard an investment in an education abroad experience in the event that the program is suspended, or you unexpectedly need to withdraw – either before departing or while abroad. Gallagher offers CFAR and IFAR coverage, and you can review a summary of possible coverages here. CFAR needs to be purchased within 15 days of signing up for the program.   

Exclusions for Extreme Risk/Hazardous Activities 

Injuries resulting from certain activities deemed "extreme" or "hazardous" are excluded from this policy. Examples of hazardous activities include, but are not limited to, surfing, and scuba diving. Refer to the full policy for a full list of hazardous activities as well as other exclusions and limitations of the policy.  

Additional ISOS Services Available but Not Covered 

International SoS provides a wide range of services for travelers. Some of these services may not be covered by the policy.  Any services provided which are not reimbursable by USF will be charged to the individual traveler or their department as appropriate. Make sure you read through the policy brochure carefully and reach out to ISoS with any specific questions before you seek services.