24/7 Global Assistance

Global Assistance While Abroad

Need assistance or help reporting an incident? USF has its own Global Travel Emergency phone number and dedicated email address. Below are instructions on how to call from abroad, the many functions of this USF Global Travel Emergency phone number, the importance of always monitoring your official USF email address, and what constitutes reporting an emergency while overseas.

Emergency Numbers to Keep on Hand
USF Global Travel Emergency Line +1-813-317-5815 EAassist@usf.edu
UHCG Insurance and Evacuation +1-410-453-6330 Assistance@uhcglobal.com
U.S. Embassy American Citizen Services +1-202-501-4444  
Country Code and Dialing Instructions www.howtocallabroad.com/


How to Call When Abroad. The picture shows a red phone booth in England

How to Call When Abroad

USF strongly recommends that you always travel with a cell phone that can make and receive international calls using a cell network, independently of WiFi. However, calling to the U.S. from abroad can be tricky when using a landline. Find useful tips and tricks to keep in touch while abroad here.

USF 24/7 International Assistance Line. The picture shows a red telephone

USF Global Travel Emergency Line

The USF Global Travel Emergency Line is a dedicated phone number that can be called direct, or collect, from anywhere in the world. It is monitored every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to support all members of the USF community who are traveling globally on university business or through Education Abroad. Read more about this service here.

Seeking Help and Assistance in an Emergency. Picture shows a person with a broken leg being treated in a hospital

Seeking Help and Assistance in an Emergency

If you are in an emergency situation abroad, you will need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance, or even the fire department. Not every country uses “911” as its emergency contact number, as we do in the United States. Find information on how and when to contact authorities and emergency services while abroad in this section.

Reporting a Crime to USF. Picture shows a pickpocket taking a wallet from an unknowing person wearing a backpack.

Reporting a Crime to USF

Reporting any and all crime that may occur abroad to proper USF authorities is extremely important. In this section, read about what may constitute a crime, as well as how, when, and to whom to report at USF. Resources available to victims are also discussed here.