About Us

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

USF World leads the university's engagement with the world by providing resources that empower the university community to function as global leaders and global stewards. 

USF World is committed to:

  • Creating opportunities for the global exchange of people and ideas that promote intercultural competence and appreciation.
  • Building robust and sustainable partnerships necessary for innovative and cooperative solutions to the global challenges. 
  • Advocating for academic programs informed by the global context.
  • Supporting learning experiences that allow students to integrate successfully into international communities and work environments at home and abroad.
  • Incentivizing, recognizing and rewarding faculty who pursue globally focused education, research and scholarship. 
  • Contributing to the university's global profile through social media, web-based content and traditional media outlets; advancing the understanding of USF World, and promoting its image through a branding campaign.
  • Hosting international scholars, conferences and visitors.
  • Expanding the financial base for international activities for education, engagement and research abroad.
  • Promoting USF-Tampa Bay partnerships around the world.



Goal 1 – Global Curriculum and Student Success

USF World promotes internationalizing the curriculum, coordinating with each college, the Office of Graduate Studies and the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Research and Innovation at USF. USF World will also support the QEP "Global Citizen" initiative through on-campus global activity (e.g., the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies) and the development of new Education Abroad offerings.

USF World will support colleges around notions of content-based global literacy and globalizing academic student success through traditional and digital delivery, including "Study In" and encouraging conversations focused on embedding global concepts and processes within content. In addition, USF World will enhance the international student population experience and broader student success efforts of the university, extending alternative calendar and summer offerings, continuing support for J-1 scholars who have their own distinct needs, and constructing specific global leadership experiences.

Goal 2 – Elevating the University Profile and Campus Global Awareness

USF World will engage in developing efforts to internationalize campus life by bridging the USF System through deliberately planned communication with USF Health, Research & Innovation, Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS), USF Sarasota-Manatee and USF St. Petersburg. USF World will manage existing and new sustainable international partnerships and cultivate an international university presence (alumni, marketing, etc.) while encouraging the continuing development of a global "footprint" in the cultural and economic communities of Tampa Bay.

International Services will design an accessible international student support network liaising with Student Affairs to extend global aspects of campus life for all students while establishing stronger organizational linkages between International Services, International Admissions and INTO USF. The Education Abroad Office (EAO) will utilize the Glo-Bull Ambassadors to assist returning students with re-entry and to increase the awareness of EA opportunities across campus.

In partnership with Advancement, USF World will construct a successful working plan and process for the new International Alumni Officer in 2015-16 and will coordinate to ensure this new colleague becomes well known to the current international student population.

Global awareness is central to the mission of USF. USF World promotes awareness of current and emerging global issues among students, faculty, the broader community and the military. For example, the Confucius Institute (CI) and the Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies (CSDS) offer conferences, cultural events and the "Conversation Series on Global Security" to serve this purpose and contribute to student success. These events increase the national and international visibility of the university system and strengthen its connection across the local community.

Goal 3 – Global Mobility

USF World seeks to continue rapid growth in the student population participating in a learning experience outside the United States through the EAO while supporting the USF goal of 4,000 international students by 2018. USF World will liaise with key campus stakeholders to create an initiative around student scholarships for travel abroad.

The EAO offers a broad range of transformative experiences while maximizing student safety and security thereby reducing institutional risk while facilitating student, faculty and staff international mobility. New programs and initiatives such as Generation Study Abroad will drive this effort to significantly increase the numbers of students participating in Education Abroad.

International Services is committed to improving the student experience pertaining to visa regulations for international students already enrolled at USF, as well as the quality and frequency of campus events.

The global mobility of our faculty and staff will be supported through the Fulbright initiative, the promotion of sustainable partnership agreements and the commitment of data mining to establish the Global Discovery Hub and a systematic and comprehensive portrait of USF as a globally engaged university. USF World will promote transnational partnerships, notably with the Florence University of the Arts and potentially with the City of Knowledge, USIL and London so USF can offer hubs for knowledge development for U.S. based and international students in key strategic locations.

Goal 4 – Global Engagement and International Research Collaboration

USF World promotes and facilitates global engagement through the management and evaluation of international partnerships, the mapping of USF's global footprint, recognizing the hard work of faculty, students and staff in the area of international research and global engagement, and providing a broad spectrum of resources for travel, research, and other globally focused endeavors including the Fulbright and Peace Corps programs.

These efforts include the critical USF Global Discovery Hub as USF World manages the development and implementation of an interactive, online resource that provides a comprehensive portrait of the university's global engagement. USF World serves as the university focal "space" for advancing global research efforts including collaboration across administrative units and colleges with a focus around common themes.