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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

USF World leads the university's global engagement across the Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Tampa campuses by providing resources and services that empower the university community to function as global leaders and stewards. Global engagement is essential to world-class research and educational delivery in our internationally connected world. The University of South Florida’s mission as a global, research university includes a deep commitment to addressing the greatest challenges facing communities locally, nationally, and across the world through impactful research and a dedication to student learning that prioritizes intercultural awareness and global literacy.

USF World is committed to comprehensive and sustainable globalization that prioritizes innovation through research and scholarship, mutually beneficial international partnerships, inbound and outbound student and faculty global mobility, and events and programs that bridge geographical, cultural, and political boundaries. USF has established itself as a leader among higher education institutions in access to global learning opportunities for all students, the global diversity of its study body, and international research partnerships that produce positive societal outcomes.

USF World is committed to:

  • Strengthening our international reputation as an innovative institution committed to global student success and high impact research that results in positive societal outcomes.
  • Creating opportunities for the global exchange of people and ideas that promote intercultural competence and appreciation.
  • Building robust and sustainable partnerships necessary for innovative and cooperative solutions to our global challenges. 

  • Advocating for academic programs informed by the global context.

  • Supporting learning experiences that allow students to integrate successfully into international communities and work environments at home and abroad.

  • Incentivizing, recognizing, and rewarding faculty who pursue globally focused education, research, and scholarship. 

  • Promoting sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with local and global collaborators.

  • Contributing to the university's global profile through social media, web-based content, and traditional media outlets; advancing the understanding of USF World and promoting its image through a comprehensive branding campaign.

  • Hosting international scholars, conferences, and visitors.

  • Expanding the financial base for international activities for education, engagement, and research abroad.

Over the past decade, the University of South Florida (USF) has emerged as the nation’s fastest-rising university - no other university has risen faster in U.S. News & World Report’s national university rankings - a reflection of our unwavering pursuit of excellence. USF’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, In Pursuit of Excellence, provides a blueprint for the continuation of USF’s ascent in national and global visibility and the strengthening of our regional, national, and global communities. The University’s Strategic Plan is designed to provide a clear roadmap to further USF’s ascent over a five year period while establishing a framework to operationalize objectives to meet institutional goals. The goals and associated objectives in the Strategic Plan reflect USF’s commitment to the success of our students, alumni, and staff; the excellence of our faculty research and innovation; the impact of our partnerships – locally and across the globe; the strength of our diverse and inclusive community at USF; and the sustainability of our adaptable financial base.

USF World’s strategic goals are linked to the goals articulated in the USF 2022-2027 Strategic Plan and reflect a dedication to strengthening our international reputation as an innovative institution committed to global student success, high impact research and innovation, an environment of diversity and inclusion, and partnerships that advance global opportunities at home and abroad. Our aspirations for the future are not the goals in and of themselves, but rather milestones in our continued pursuit of excellence.


USF World Goals – Linked to the USF 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Goal 1. To promote the success of well-educated, highly skilled, and adaptable alums who, as lifelong learners, lead enriched lives, contribute to the democratic process, function as engaged community citizens, and thus thrive in a dynamic global market.

USF World Goal/Strategy 1.1   Promote access to high caliber global learning experiences for all students.

USF World Goal/Strategy 1.2   Support international student success from recruitment to enrollment to graduation and beyond.

USF World Goal/Strategy 1.3   Ensure the globally-oriented accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff are communicated and celebrated.

Goal 2. To conduct high-impact research and innovation to advance frontiers of knowledge, solve global problems and improve lives.

USF World Goal/Strategy 2.1   Incentivizing, rewarding, and recognizing global research engagement.

Goal 3. To be a major social and economic engine creating robust global, national, and regional partnerships to build a prosperous and sustainable future for our regional communities and the State of Florida. 
USF World Goal/Strategy 3.1   High impact international, national, and community-based partnerships and collaborations that advance USF's global footprint.

Goal 4. To provide a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community for learning, discovery, creative activities, and transformative experiences enabled through adaptive design of physical, social, and digital environments.

USF World Goal/Strategy 4.1   Access and equity to global learning for all students.

Goal 5. To practice continuous visionary planning and sound stewardship throughout USF to ensure a strong and sustainable financial base and adapt proactively to emerging opportunities in a dynamic environment.

USF World Goal/Strategy 5.1   Strategic investment in revenue generating opportunities that benefit the University and the USF World community.

USF World Goal/Strategy 5.2   Increase philanthropic activity in support of the Education Abroad Fund and the International Student Support Fund.