USF World Advisory Council


USF World Vision & Mission:


USF World envisions comprehensive and sustainable globalization that prioritizes innovation through research and scholarship, mutually beneficial partnerships, international mobility coupled with globalized learning at home, and events and programs that bridge geographical, cultural, and political boundaries.


USF World leads the university's global engagement by providing resources and services that empower the university community to function as global leaders and stewards. Global engagement is essential in our internationally connected world. The University of South Florida’s mission as a global, research university includes a deep commitment to addressing the greatest challenges facing communities locally, nationally, and across the world through impactful research, a dedication to student learning that prioritizes intercultural awareness and global literacy, and purposeful collaboration with partners.


USF World Advisory Council Objectives

  1. Promote and advocate for USF World and its constituent units.

  2. Enhance USF World’s connections and collaborations within the Tampa Bay community.

  3. Provide advice to the Vice President and the Unit regarding:
    1. Tampa Bay’s economic development, diplomatic, and other globally oriented initiatives,

    2. The development of strategic and mutually beneficial community partnerships,

    3. The development of strategic and mutually beneficial international partnerships.

  4. Strengthen and enhance the financial resources of USF World including new sources of funding for study abroad scholarships and the international student support fund.