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Global Alumni

Welcome fellow Bulls and global citizens!

We are building a WORLDWIDE NETWORK of USF alumni and scholars with international experience and global perspective. If you’ve had formative, life-changing, and/or professional experiences abroad, then this is the alumni society for you!

Whether you were:

  • an international student at one of our campuses in Florida, or
  • a domestic undergraduate who studied abroad,
  • a visiting scholar from another part of the world,
  • a USF Fulbright Scholar, or
  • a returned Peace Corps Volunteer,

YOU are USF Global Alumni! You have a UNIQUE set of skills and invaluable experiences to offer your peers, your employers, and the world!

To learn more about some of your Global Alumni peers, visit our Global Spotlights page.

Interested in getting involved? Well, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...


1: connect



Our current students are always in need of guidance and support:

  • Share your wisdom in a Virtual Q&A
  • Participate in Webinar Panels
  • Host a Virtual Workshop or your own Webinar

Living outside of Tampa or Abroad?

  • Meetup with a Local or Global Chapter
  • Become a Global Network Director, Coordinator, or Contact
  • Attend Online Events Featuring our Successful Alumni
  • Attend Online Speaker Series Webinars


3: contribute  


To learn more about our engagement and contribution options, contact your Global Alumni Officer, Vanessa Martinez:  

To learn more about Global Alumni Chapters, click here