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Share your Experience with Students

If you have lived, worked, and/or volunteered abroad, or if you are working in an internationally oriented career in the US, share your experiences with current students. They want to know about your personal and professional journey - the steps you took to get to where you are and what it’s like to work in your field. Engage in targeted and meaningful Q&A sessions to give students advice based on the challenges you’ve faced, the battles you’ve won, and the lessons you’ve learned.

Here are some examples of the exciting events that we hosted in 2020:




Hindsight is a program that gives USF Global Alumni and USF students the opportunity to connect. While Global Alumni reflect on their personal and professional experiences, students learn about steps they can take to get that dream job and build their professional network.

The program takes the format of a 5-question interview. Students work with the producer to develop four questions relevant to the career of the alumna, and each session ends with the following standardized question: In hindsight, what do you wish you had known about your career (or life) while you were still a student?

Alumni who are interested in being our guest on the program, please connect with us on LinkedIn or contact us at

Students can apply to host an episode here:


Many students dream of seeing the world, doing global internships, and finding that dream job – help them get there.

If you are inspired to engage with a particular college or student group, reach out to us at – we would be more than happy to host you in a special event.



Offer a Global Internship Through Your Company

You’ve made it. Maybe you’ve started your own company or maybe you’re running the show in your department – either way, your alma mater is a great place to recruit talented interns to support your work. You can offer virtual, in-person, or hybrid internships to suit your company’s needs, and it is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the professional development of a USF student.